10 Advice on How to Start Your Day Properly

I’m not a morning person and it is hard to find me in good mood early in the morning. Since I was very young, I did not prefer coffee, so I adapted myself to create a proper routine for my morning time, in order to get ready for the long day in front of me; and believe me, my days are quite long and busy. Today, I’ll share with you some tips and advice, that woks well for me. I’m not the original author of all of them, I’ve collected some of them from others and adapted for my own.

10 Tips for Starting Your Day in the Right Way

Here is what I do to start my day properly and in a productive way:

I. Talk as little as possible in the morning

Talking to other people make you loose time and energy and because minutes in the morning slip do fast. Another reason is because it is still early it may cause you to have unnecessary debates. Avoid talking to people, at least until you are fully waken up. If you come to my home in the morning, you’ll think I’m a sleep walker going around the house -:)

II. Do not rush in the morning

Build your morning routine in a way that you have enough time to do all what you need to do. For me having a busy day, does not help at all rushing since early in the morning. Concentrate in your routine, but do not rush yourself. This will help you remove that fastidious rush feeling during the day.

III. Do not open your TV or Social Networks

Both these two are ‘time thieves’, especially of the valuable morning minutes. Many people like to start their day by hearing morning TV shows. I do not practice it, unless it’s my day off and I take it slowly.

IV. Physical Exercising is a good habit

Start your day with simple physical exercises: head exercises, arms’, legs’ and body’s exercising (all standing up and no carpet exercises). I spend around 15 minutes doing those on my own, standing just next to my bed. They help me to wake up and to stretch my body. Physical exercises help blood circulation and help fuel the body with positive energy. Some people go for run or any other type of sports, that is good too, but not for me.

V. Be Thankful in the Morning

Start your day by being thankful for any good thing in your life. I perform this activity while I stand in front of the mirror. I started it as a joke one morning when I was a teenager by saying “Oh my God, I’m sot beautiful. Thank you for that”. I liked the way I felt and kept doing it every morning. You’ll be surprised how many good things are in your life to thank for.

VI. Eat breakfast

Should you like to be healthy and full of energy: Eat your breakfast every day. I’ve spent 10 years of my life without breakfast, and since I changed that habit I can see the difference. Now, I can fully concentrate on daily stuff and feel better physically. On work days I eat light breakfast, while this changes on my days off -:)

VII. Choose the first call

The first call of your day does influence the whole day. Call someone you love and that make you feel good. It can even be your partner in the next room. I call it “the love call”. Starting the day with love and positivism is a good routine.

VIII. Teach your children with the same routine

Children’s behavior could be a good enough reason to start your day improperly. Should you like to enjoy your morning time, teach your children the same routine as yours. This will allow you not to loose time dealing with unnecessary stuff since early in the morning.

IX. Prepare your clothes the day before

There are times I do not follow my before-bed-time routine properly and I find myself paying the cost in the morning. There is nothing more disturbing for me, rather when I don’t know what to wear in the morning. I find myself fully confused and loose lots of time, and still my appearance for that day is not good enough. Either prepare clothes the night before, or only buy already fitted clothes not to spent energy on combining them in the morning.

X. Start your day with a smile

Children are a great source of joy and funny situations that can make you smile since in the morning. Use this asset in your life. Help yourself with a smile before getting out of the door. That smile will collect positive energy to you, so much needed to face daily issues.

These are the morning tricks that work for me my friends. They are very practical and very helpful for me to successfully get through a non very easy time of the day for me. I love my morning routine as it saves me nerves and energy. I hope you may find among my 10 ‘morning friends’ any good idea that could work for you too. Remember, morning is only the beginning of the day and spending lots of energy since in the morning will exhaust your body. Choose to be smart and ‘automate’ some of your morning stuff. Let me know any additional trick that works well in your morning routine. I’m always open to adapt new efficient practices in my own routine. Till then: Be Good!

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