Do you know: What is the Safe Alcohol Amount?

Alcohol is an alimentary considered harmful for the health and human body. In order to have a healthy diet and a good body shape, every physician, nutritionist and personal trainer would recommend to stop drinking alcohol. But still, people continue to drink it. And the reason for that is not due to the fact that people do not believe the experts of the field, they actually do believe them. It is because alcohol has the amazing power to influence two things: (i) it helps people to forget (even though temporarily) all problems and stresses, and (ii) it has the power to make joyful moments even more happier and hilarious. Both these are highly valued by people and explain why alcohol industry continues to be a high value one.

I like to drink alcohol to celebrate happy events in my life. Wines are what I prefer mostly; and I enjoy them with good food and in good company. The big question is: How much alcohol should I drink to be safe? The answer for this depends on the role of the moment: if I’m driving, 0 – 1 glass of wine is the right answer. If I’m going to work, 0 alcohol is the answer. If I’m babysitting, 0 alcohol for sure.

But, if I want to be healthy: most of physicians say 1 glass of red wine/day, which counts for 54 liters of red wine/year. And, this is good enough to celebrate joyful events in your life, unless you happen to be the happiest person in the world, that need to celebrate on daily basis-:)

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Daily Recommended Amount of Alcohol is One Glass of Red Wine.

There is a strange phenomenon I’ve noticed over years. The more time passes by, more difficult it is for me to successfully handle alcohol in my body; at least not the same way as before. I searched a bit around into medical sources and I found out that what happened to me is quite normal. Human body looses the resistance against alcohol over time, due to the changes that happen while aging: lower amount of water in the body, decreased capability to eliminate alcohol from the body, difficulties with concentration, seeing and hearing.

What it means for us is: the older we get the stronger is the effect of alcohol in our bodies. That’s why I find myself drinking less alcohol and feeling more the consequences of alcohol in my body (sweating, feeling dizzy, lost of concentration, etc.) Science says that this gets even worse over time, while getting older, due to aging complications about health issues (problems with high blood pressure, cardio-vascular issues, etc.)

Some Advice about Alcohol Drinking

So, my dear alcohol-fan friends, here are some advice regarding alcohol drinking:

  • Do not use alcohol as a way to escape to your problems and responsibilities. Instead use alcohol for celebration of positive events.
  • Try not to mix different types of alcohol within one night. Better stick to only one kind of alcohol, in order to better enjoy your time.
  • Should you like to definitely mix alcohol: start with the hard drinks and move on to lighter ones (f.e. from whisky to beer). Never do the opposite, you’ll feel drunk pretty fast and even get sick.
  • Never mix alcohol with drugs, it causes intoxication and could cause death.
  • Always drink high quality alcohol, because alcohol poisoning is one of the worst and most dangerous type.
  • Make sure not to drink alcohol without food or water. It will damage your stomach, faster dehydrate your body; and you can automatically reduce the amount of alcohol you drink.
  • Never drink too much alcohol to the point to not control your movement and your behavior.
  • Finally, enjoy alcohol drinking while you are still young, in order not to feel the necessity to drink it while getting older.

Alcohol is not a healthy thing my dear friends, but is one of the sins people like to carry on in their lives. Let’s make it be non-damaging source of hilarity in our lives. Do not allow your sin to damage other people’s lives, or even worse your own life and dear things in your life (family, career, character). Don’t allow alcohol to rule your life, rather use it as a tool to celebrate and STOP. Looking forward to hear your thoughts about alcohol and content of this article.


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