Do You Want to be Healthy? – Buy at the Rustic Market

We hear the phrase “Be Healthy” all the time and everywhere. Unfortunately, we do not find any relation to these words when ti comes to our food and beverages supply.

Ultra-processed Food in USA

A recent study published recently at Nutrients, shows that our food supply is one of the three main sources of us having health problems (together with sedentary lifestyle and environmental pollution). They did a detailed analysis of the food supplies and beverages in US stores and found out that 71% of the articles in these stores are categorized as ultra-processed. For those that do not understand the term ‘ultra-processed’ it means that not only the final product we consume is processed, but even the raw materials used to produce it is processed too.

In simple words, 71% of the products we eat everyday, contain high levels of: saturated fat, sugar, salt and are high in energy. All these together are stated by physicians and nutritionists to be enemies of our health and main causes for development of dangerous diseases.

Categories of food found more healthy from the study were: seafood and its products, eggs, fruits, nuts and legumes. As you may see, they are the typical products that are consumed as fresh as possible. Snack food is found 100% ultra-processed.

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Food Quality around the World

Unfortunately, the situation is not better on other parts of the world. For example, Australia has 60.5% of her store stock of food and beverages highly-processed too. Situation in China and India (countries with highest population in the world) is even worse, as they rank lower in the healthy food index.

How to Make Healthy Soup with Legumes and Cereals

People are spending tremendous amount of money to buy unhealthy food products (only in US, sales for food and beverages industry was $505.4 billion USD for year 2018). If only some parts of this huge public budget could be derived to buy fresh food at the rustic market or directly to small farms, we help two good causes at the same time: (i) we supply our body with healthier food, and (ii) we contribute to the development of unprocessed food industry.

Reflection Moment

Think about it my dear friends. Next time you decide to go buy food, think for a moment, take some more time to go to the rustic market, instead of running to the easy way straight to the stores. Investing a little bit more time and probably even little more budget will save you from pain and difficulties with future health issues.

I always use an expression when it comes to food’s quality: “We all depend on the consciousness of the food producers. The small farmers or huge corporate’s shareholders”. Definitely, government could do a lot about standards, regulations and controlling mechanisms. However, only the food producer knows and decides what to put in our food. I strongly believe that only when food producers will start to be aware of their social responsibility toward people, the endless discussions of healthy and unhealthy food will come to an end. They should understand that people trust them to feed their children and families.

As long as we have companies that consider food business only as a matter of figures, and do not understand the huge responsibility they face by producing food for general public, we will continue to read similar reports and have more and more discussions about quality of food, while we go to buy the same products at the stores as we usually do.

Be Good!

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