Find Out What are 5 Surprising Benefits of Walking

Walking in nature is turning back to be trendy again, mainly pushed by physicians’ advice. Many studies are made to explore the benefits of this simple, but very resourceful physical activity, and scientist have come up with 5 important health benefits of walking in nature. Harvard Medical School had the courtesy to collect for conclusions of studies performed about effects and benefits of walking.

5 Health Benefits of Walking in Nature

I. Walking Counteracts the Effects of Weight-promoting Genes.

A study of Harvard University with 12,000 participants have come to the conclusion that people that perform 1 hour of brisk walking/ day enjoys the benefit of cutting in half the activity of 32 weight-promoting genes in their body. In other words, daily brisk walking will reduce in half the capability of our body to gain weight; such a fantastic benefit for people that are prompt to gain weight easily.

II. Walking Reduces the Desire to Consume Sweets

Two studies from Exeter University has shown the 15 minutes of walk can curb cravings for chocolate and even reduce the amount of chocolate you eat in stressful situations. Most recent studies have add to this, that walking does reduce the appetite for various sweet snacks too.

III. Walking Reduces the Risk for Breast Cancer

A study performed by the American Cancer Society focused on walking has concluded that women that walk more than 7 hours/week benefit 14% lower risk of breast cancer. And this benefit goes even for women that face breast cancer risk factors, such as: are overweight, or use supplemental hormones.

IV. Walking Eases Joint Pain

Some studies have concluded that walking reduces arthritis pain. For people walking for 10 -12 km/week, this activity helps to prevents arthritis from forming in the first place. Walking influences especially the knees and hips form osteoarthritis, by lubricating them and strengthening the muscular structure that supports them.

V. Walking Boosts the Immune System

One study with over 1,000 women and men have showed that walking does protect people from cold and seasonal flu. The participants that walked more than 20 minutes five times/week has 43% fewer sick days. Even when they got sick, it was for shorter time and with milder symptoms.

A recent study published in the xxx says that performing 7.500 steps/day offers the greatest benefit of living a longer and healthier life.

Other Benefits of Walking in Nature

  • Walking helps reducing the stress
  • Walking is excellent for thinking
  • Walking in nature help us getting in touch with simple, but perfect organisation of nature. It educates us with the perfectionism of nature.
  • Walking help us loosing sedentary lifestyle and gaining positive energy.

I believe anyone of you my dear friends, reading this article right now is wondering: “Why the hell I do not walk 7,500 steps every day? How come I deny so many wonderful benefits to myself, only because I keep my agenda very busy with other very unimportant stuff compare to the so-called “The simple activity being close to a wonder drug”. Come on, get up dear friends. Grab the i-pod, your sportswear and get out of the house or office. Start by doing the first 3,000 steps for the day and turn healthier and in good fit. You make the decision: to be healthy and good fit, or to remain sitting in the couch worsening your health. I vote for the first option, and I’m looking to read your comments about your experiences with daily walking routines. Till then, Be Good and Stay Healthy!

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