Bad Time has Arrived for Wild Koalas in Australia

Several weeks ago, I posted as Photo of the Day, one photo I captured several years ago in Sydney Zoo, Australia. I’m talking about this photo:

My Australian friends told me I was lucky to find the Koala awaken, as she slept most of the time on the same tree. This is one of my preferred photos and that’s why I shared at FAMILY+ Blog.

But, bad news are coming from Australia. The Australian Koala Foundation is appealing for a big threat regarding the population of wild koalas there. They declared “Wild Koalas are functionally extinct”, unless urgent measures are taken to protect and improve their habitat.

Koala is one of the three symbols of Australia (together with Emmy and Kangaroo). This is a unique species that exists only in Australia and is considered a dangerous animal that could not be kept as pet at houses. It looks like a little grey bear, but is very powerful when in action.

The Australian Koala Foundation confirms that as of today, there are around 80,000 wild koalas, but the problem is that there not enough breeding adults to support the formation of next generation of koalas. The foundation is requesting serious help from the Australian Government to prevent extinction of one of the icons of Australia.


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