What is the Message from El Passo and Ohio?

These last two days has been very sad and frightening for many people around the world. No doubt, all people who went to the shopping malls during weekend have trembled while seeing in TV what happened in El Paso, Texas. Innocent people has been killed, only because they were present at the wrong place in the wrong day. They were killed only because, god knows why, they decide to go to the mall with their families.

Featured image: Mexican citizen organize praying gatherings against racism of the killing in El paso. Image taken by: Common Dreams

I don’t know what went through the mind of the newly mom, who used her body as a buckler to protect her two-months-old baby from the bullets. Definitely one of her thoughts should have been: “Why did I came here today to put my baby at risk?” I really cannot image the terror of the people in that mall, but definitely that scary event kept me awake all night long. I went to the mall the same day with my son and my mother. Only the idea that something similar could have happened in our mall kept scaring me to the bone.

We are used to hear tragic events from hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, fire and other nature events, and we are used to accept them under the name of ‘force majeure’. But, I’m not ready to put in the same category deaths caused by people: terrorism, racism, wars, and soldiers mistakes during bombing. No! Definitely, these are not ‘force majeure’. These are terrible crimes that kill innocent people all the time (children, women, seniors). And they always have a starting point.

Most of the time is the desire of some people to be more powerful. In the name of their desire, they cause wars and huge number of victims. And, they are among most powerful people in the world, voted by people, even the ones that are killed from their decisions.

Sometimes is the hate language that is commonly used everywhere: in politics, in media, in schools, in pubs and even from officials. People like so much to use hate tones in their conversations. I don’t know why, but this is becoming very trendy recently and is damaging the brains of many immature individuals, who believe hate is the name of the game. This one combined with the desire to be famous is producing the most terrible crimes scenes ever.

Immature individuals, bullied since in early years of their lives, and feeling with no purpose in life, watch Instagram and Facebook accounts of successful people and start to dream about being in their place. And what is the easiest way to become famous for people like them: Be part of the 6 p.m. News. Perform a crazy crime and you’ll end up becoming famous. Everyone will see what you did, will learn your name and will talk about you. From being nobody, you become known worldwide. And this was the case of the mad man in El Paso, who voluntary turned himself in to the first cop in the street. This was the main reason he killed 22 people in the middle of the day: to be famous.

People, please, avoid using hate language in your communications. Social media is a written format and leaves footprints all the time. Majority of new generation uses social media as an education tool (they spent most of the time engaged in there). They believe that if million people say something, that is true and right. In fact the contrary is true:

“A lie is still a lie, even if 1 million people say so.”

People, please, do not trust politicians who use hate language. The ones that show themselves strong and powerful. Politics is not supposed to be power purpose. It is supposed to a serving opportunity for community and wider. Listen to what god taught you: “Love your neighbor and your friends. Do not show force, show mercy and humility.” This is the model of people to follow, the ones that give win-win-win solutions, away from showcase performances in public.

Parents, please, stay close to your children and other family members. Help them share with you their deepest feelings and talk with them about everything that relates to violence and hate. Don’t let online forums become their mentors and spiritual leaders. People that are fed with violence, racism, wars, firstly will damage their dear people (like the brother that killed his sister and 8 other people in Ohio).

The message we should take with use from the terrible day in USA is clear: Stop hate speeches and hate language. Stop giving so much attention to violence and crime in TV and Social Media. When Napoleon Bonaparte said his famous saying: “It doesn’t matter what people say about you, what is important is that they will talk about you”, he was not aware that it will come the day when everyone in the globe could communicate and access information right away.

Yes, it does matter what major influential media say and give focus all the time. If people see only violence and crimes in the breaking news, they will start to think about them mostly. I know it is marketing theory that people are very much attracted by negative news. But some conscience and ethics, and responsibility should be considered in the name of the trust public has shown to accept them as major influentials.

I pray we never here again about such monstrous crimes. I pray citizens of the world could live their life freely, without the fear to go to the mall, to the beach, to get a plain or the metro. I hope we all listen to the meaning of the words of the great Charlie Chaplin:

“However asks for power is looking to do bad things, otherwise love is enough to get everything done.” – Charlie Chaplin

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