Beard or No Beard -This is the Matter!

In recent years, tendencies of male look are constantly proposing beards, although of different forms. And this does not seem to be casual, since a 2016 study by Australian and Swiss scientists has concluded that bearded men are more attractive to women; as well as being more preferred as long-term partners. Researchers associate this to the fact that the beard makes a face look more masculine, as well as reflects maturity and firmness in women’s eyes.

So, in the last few years, we’ve seen growing the number of bearded men with their beards styled according to recent trends. But, together with the benefits of a masculine appearance, there come also problems, one of which is hygiene. Is it easy to have a beard and keep it clean?

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The Study on Beards

A clinic in Switzerland, Hirslanden Clinic, conducted a study in 2019. Researches wanted to find ways to protect the bearded man from germs that can be taken from the fur of dogs. They have analyzed 18 bearded men and 30 long-haired dogs. During the study, scientists were surprised to find out that 100% of beards, caught in the study, contained a large number of microbes. While 39% of beards had such a high level of microbes that they risk to make sick the bearded men themselves. Meanwhile, only 76% of dogs’ fur had high level of microbes. The rest of dogs had moderate or less microbes.

Image taken by: ERHphotos

This shocking conclusion has put in dilemma the whole world. Not only women, but especially the bearded men themselves. Should they go back to the razor? Or, should they continue to invest in keeping the beard that makes them look more masculine? Should they sacrifice the beard to preserve their own health? What about their children’s health? Or should they stop washing the dogs and let them be the sinners of the family. 🙂

Beard or no Beard – This is the matter!

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