How to loose 2 pounds/week without Diet, nor Exercising?

Studies show that a woman needs to spend 3,500 calories to reduce her weight by 2 pounds/week, and for men are needed 4,000 calories spent to loose 2 pounds/week. Losing 8 pounds/month is considered to be a healthy weight lost. So, the $1 million question, asked by people little fond of sports and exercising is: How can I looses 3,500 – 4,000 calories/week without sport, nor exercising? Guess what, this is their lucky day. They’ll find the answers reading these rows.

Calories Count

Let’s refresh some knowledge about calories’ issue: Food is the source of calories for our body. Out of the whole calories we take on daily basis with food, 2,000 calories (for women) and 2,500 calories (for men) are needed to perform normal physiological activities of the body and to maintain existing weight. The rest of calories received, if not spent, are deposited as fat in our body. This is the part we want so much to get rid off.

Today, we shall not talk about the food part. All our attention will be focused on how to loose extra calories maintaining the same food regime (without adding sweets and dough foods). Our task is to find activities that will lead in spending 500 more calories every day. Our pre-condition set is to find activities that does not interfere our actual life style and we do not find stressful.

Same activities have different impact on people with different weights. For this article, we’ve considered two cases: one individual weighting 150 pounds and another 200 pounds. As per common sense, the higher the weight, the higher the calories lost when performed the same activity. The first digit in the calories’ lost interval is for the individual weighting 150 pounds, while the other digit is for the 200 pounds one. For those standing in between of these weights, they may counts your result of calories’ lost somewhere on the interval. All explanations set, I think we are ready to continue with the most interesting part: What should we do to spent 500 more calories/day?

Daily Activities that help loosing Extra Calories and Weight

Activity 1: Perform 1 hour of tasks for house cleaning and loose 200 – 240 calories.

House cleaning activities help to burn more calories and loose weight

Activity 2: Climb the stairs for 10 minutes and loose 100 – 120 calories.

Climbing the stairs is another activity to loose weight
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Activity 3: Take care of flowers in your balcony/garden for 25 minutes and looses 100 -120 calories.

Gardening apart from the pleasure of having a fantastic balcony, help loose weight
Create your mini-garden in your balcony and loose calories by taking care for your plants.

Activity 4: Walk on your regular pace for one hour and spend 200 – 255 calories.

walking is another activity that helps to loose weight

Activity 5: Chew chewing gum for one hour and loose 10 – 11 calories.

Chewing gums help burn extra calories and loose weight
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Activity 6: Kiss for 1 minute in a row and loose 22 – 26 calories.

Examples for combined activities to loose 500 extra calories/day

As you may see, there are various opportunities to loose 500 extra calories/day. All activities mentioned are simple routine ones, that cover for healthy basis of life: hygiene, love, health. Here are some combinations you could do:

Walk for 1 hour + Clean you house for 1 hour + Climb stairs for 10 minutes = -8 pounds/month

Spend 25 minutes taking care of your flowers + Walk for 1 hour + Clean your house for 1 hour = -8 pounds/month

Aren’t they beautiful draws? I’m using them myself these days, and I can tell my body is spending more calories every day. Meanwhile, I kindly invite you to join me in such efforts and start adding these activities regularly into your daily routine.

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