My Cat, a Love that Lasts Since 18 Years Now

As I’ve told you before, I have two pets in my house: my dog Blondie and my cat: Kodi. They hate each-other to death and we keep them in separated spaces of the house. Fortunately, we have enough space to accommodate both of them comfortably.

Kodi, my cat, is much older than Blondie, and she was born to our house. My neighbors’ cat loved to stay at my home, and she brought to life her 4 kittens there. They were so little and so beautiful. I named all of them and because they were so little, I could not distinguish their gender, so I ended up giving to two girls-kittens, boys’ names and to the two male-kittens, female names. Kodi is a girl and she has a boy name -:)

Anyway, the other three kittens did not lived long, they got sick, while Kodi took all their years for herself and computed 18 years old last week. She is old now, bur still have conserved her capricious personality. She cries very loudly when she asks anything (to open the door for her, to clean up her place, food, water, etc.) She was the petite of my dad and now that he is not anymore, she continues to ‘order’ me with no mercy at all.

The reason I’m talking about Kodi today was an article I read on CNN about the ability of household cats to distinguish their names. The study referred in the article was made in Japan and have concluded that if your pet (cat) does not answer to you calling her name, she is doing it on purpose. I face no issues with Kodi, she normally reacts when I call her, unless she is trying to hide and it is almost impossible to find her. I have endless stories during summer time, when Kodi didn’t want to come with us at the beach house for weekends and as soon as she saw us getting ready (she practically knows all our routines), she would hide and no one could find her.

I face the problem of not responding to my calls more with Blondie. Sometimes, he is very indifferent and does not responds at all. But, he is bigger and I can find him easier, compare to Kodi who is several times smaller and can fit in many ‘secret’ places.

Something special about Kodi, was the fact that she did not want to go out of the house. When her sister started to get out and run around the neighborhood, Kodi did not follow her. My dad used to push her outside the door, to make her run and enjoy time out, but she would sit outside of the door and waited there until someone would open it. Apparently, she felt very well inside the house and we respected her decision.

I have many stories to tell about Kodi and her rare adventures outside the house, but it will be for some other day. Remember my friends, your cats are very smart, and if the do not react when you call them, they are just doing it on purpose: either they are angry with you, or they are just too lazy to deal with you. Both ways, cats are adorable and capable to give so much love.

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