Celebrating Birthday of Dear Grandma Xheni

Several days ago we celebrated our Grandma Xheni’s birthday. It was a nice celebration, but we did not put candles on the cake, as it is forbidden to tell her age, in the end f the day even If we say it, no one would believe us-:) Grandma Xheni is our dear collaborator for our food page: “Recipes by Grandma Xheni”. She is a great example of how passion for things in life help people remain young forever. Here is our wish for her birthday:


It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with you and to share with our readers your delicious recipes, traditional and modern ones. Thank you for your hard work and your love on preparation of recipes. Seems it is your destiny to teach all your life long. At first to teach little kids how to write and read … and now to teach housewives and those passionate after cooking how to better cook at their homes.

Your rubric “Recipes by Grandma Xheni” is a great added value for our blog and very much liked and followed by our readers. Thank you for all your passion and dedication. You are a great inspiration in our work and a great example of how we could improve people’s lives through our work.

We wish you to have a wonderful birthday in company of your dearest people.

With love and gratitude,

FAMILY+ Blog Team

Should you like to join us in giving your wishes for Grandma Xheni’s birthday, feel free to leave your comment below. We shall make sure to pass to her all your love and respect. Find below here what we got her for birthday. She really loved it!Click on the image to find out more details about our gift and more other products you wish to buy as gifts for your girlfriend, mom, sister or your colleague.

We are happy to notify you in this particular day, that we are working with Grandma Xheni on a new project that will come live soon. The project is about a book with Grandma Xheni’s Recipes for Pies and some other surprises.

Some of Grandma Xheni’s Recipes

Meanwhile, allow us to share with you some of the Delicious Grandma Xheni’ Recipes. Please click on the photos to access the recipes.

How to make Fantastic Recipe of Turkey on Crumbs 
How to Prepare Healthy Vegetarian Soup with Lentils
How to Prepare Unbelievably Great Milk Pie 
How to make Healthy Cornell Tea – Grandma XHENI Recipe
How to Make a Fantastic Delicacy: Black Sweet Sauce 
Recipe for Best Stuffed Peppers in the World 

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