Understand Child Safety and Act Before You Regret

Hi everyone! I’m a mom of two adorable baby girls and I’m new to FAMILY+ Blog. I took the initiative to share with you some thoughts on children safety, based on my own experience.

Three years ago I got married and together with my husband we moved on to our new house. We were stringed on the budget and could not make lots of changes at the house, however the great news of our first pregnancy arrived pretty fast and we started to deal with all preparations for baby’s arrival. God blessed us with our first daughter and the first 11 months went pretty fast. There were three things that helped me feel comfortable living my baby girl at her room safely:

I. Baby’s Room Thermometer

Little babies require optimal temperature to sleep and rest well. Pediatricians call for the room temperature to be around 18˚ – 20˚C. I like to be precise with stuff like this, so I took this color-change room thermometer to help me measure the baby’s room temperature all the time. I strongly recommend it to all of you having babies and older kids at home. Click on the thermometer to find out details and to buy one for your home.

Color-Change Room Thermometer.
For only £13.00
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II. Baby Monitor

We prepared my baby girl’s room since the beginning. I let her sleep there during the day. My house has two floors, so it was this wall-plugged baby monitor that was my ear in her room. I kept the house silent (no TV, no music) in order to hear if my little one was calling me. Even if you have a smaller flat, this is a necessary tool that allows you to deal with other stuff while your baby is at sleep. Click on the Baby Monitor to find out details and to buy one for baby’s room now.

Motorola wall-plugged Baby Monitor.
For only £16.00
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III. Portable Bed Rail

In times I left my daughter sleep in our matrimonial bed, I was worried she could roll over and fall on the floor. So, I took this exact color portable bed rail, which is fixed in upper position when the child was sleeping there and pulled down in cases she was not there. Very practical in use and lifesaver for my mind. Click on the photo to find out details and to buy one for your big bed. They come in other colors as well.

Portable Bed Rail for safety of your kid.
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At that time my daughter started to make first attempts to take her first steps my midterm hate for the carpet that cover through the house turned into positive feelings. I was lucky. She could try all day, fall and not getting hurt. While my friend, whose daughter has the same age with mine, was telling me how frustrated she was with the fact that she could not let her baby girl move around freely, as she could get hurt falling straight to the floor tiles.

Advice: As soon as you get pregnant cover the floor of your house with a soft carpet.

As time went on, my girl was walking freely, but I was scared of her habits to run toward furniture, open the cupboards to play with them, and the most dangerous one: she likes to play with sockets. I thought to change my furniture at first place, but the more I looked around I realized that I could not find round-edges furniture. So I took precautions and got supplied with other valuable safety products in my house.

IV. Corner Protectors for Tables and Furniture

I bought one packet of corner protectors (20 pcs) and spread them in all dangerous places in the house. There were 2 left for any potential change in the house. It was funny, because my baby girl kind of liked them and kept playing with them; which was a great news as this was time away from tablet temptation. Click on the corner guards to find out details and to buy this ‘must’ product for your home.

Packet of Child Safety Corner Protections 20 pcs.
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V. Cupboard Locks

After millions of shouting to not open and close the cupboards, and some unfortunate small injuries, I bought these cupboard locks with magnets and very easy to install. I used them for the kitchen drawers and cupboards and for the pills drawer too. After installing these tools, I could start breathing freely as my baby girl was not anymore at risk. Click on the cupboard locks to find out details and to buy this ‘must’ product for your home.

Child Safety Magnetic Cupboard Locks (10 Locks + 2 Keys).
For only £12.99

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VI. Plug Socket Protectors

I checked around to find socket protectors. I had heard for on version that covered the whole socket like a slab. And I did find them, but their color was not appropriate for my house decoration, so ended up buying the socket protectors you see below here. They were sold in packets of 20 pcs and are made of safe material. It is very easy to fit them into the socket and does not harm the beauty of your house. Click on the socket protectors to find out details and to buy this ‘must’ product for your home.

Child Proof Plug Socket Protectors (20 pcs).
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When my little girls was 16 months old we were blessed with the news of my second pregnancy. I’m saying ‘my pregnancy’, because now it was clear to me that I would ‘suffer’ all the difficulties of having to raise two little babies. Their dad is mainly taking care of the money providing and his work has very bad timetables, when it come to help me with the children. However, the new pregnancy was a great joy for the family and I started to talk to my older daughter (it sound a bit ridiculous when you say it for a 17 months old baby) about the new arrival in our family. What I didn’t know was the fact that only one month later my first born would change completely.

She used to be a little angel, quite, pleasant and very obedient. Suddenly I could not distinguish anymore who was the toddler in my house. She started to be very noisy, non-stop moving around the house, shouting, doing exactly the opposite of what was told to do. I had read about ‘the impossible two age’, but I could never believed my little angel would be transformed like that. As pregnancy period was coming due, I was quite heavy to be able to run after my daughter and especially to deal with her new hobby to run to the stairs (her room is on the second floor and she thinks running to the stairs is fun). I kept thinking what to do to place a door at the top and at the bottom of the stairs, so we could control her rush to the stairs. And I was fortunate to find this magical product:

VII. Safe Stair Gate

Installation of this gate was one of the thing I’ve done with great passion. It was not difficult to be done, even for me that am not so handed for this stuff. It has extra lock to assure maximum safety even for babies like mine, who would stay 30 minutes long to try to open the stair gate. I strongly recommend it for all of you have houses with floors. Buy it early in order to get used to its presence. My daughter was not the only one facing difficulties with the gate, her parents took a little time to get used with its presence at home. Click on the Stair Gate to find out details and to buy this ‘must’ product for your home.

Sure Shut Axis Pressure Fit Safety Gate 76 – 82 cm.
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Finally, the second baby came to life and she was a baby girl too. I was flying, as I don’t have a sister myself and I really wanted for my daughter to have a sister. Thanks God, everything went OK during childbirth, but I feel so overwhelmed taking care for both my daughters. The greater the pleasure and happiness, harder it is to handle both babies successfully every day. However, what worries me more is my elder daughter, who now is even more rebel than before and have started to run away from me. She understands it is not easy for me to run after her, while I have her sister in my arms or in the baby carriage, and runs away quite fast. Most of people around me say she does that as she is jealous for her younger sister. Whatever being the reason I had to take extreme pre-cautions.

VIII. Anti Lost Wrist Link BeltVIII.

I’ve always been against this tool. It gives me the impression of treating children like we do with animals. But, I had to come against my belief and took one of these. I was so nervous about it that I took the last one remaining in stock and it was blue. I really didn’t care about the color for this one, and usually I’m very keen on details all the time. This is an excellent product, very safe even for most resourceful toddlers. It allows my daughter to have conditional moving freedom of 2.5 m. I found it very effective and finally she has accepted it as a game we do together: “The stay close game”. I strongly recommend it to everyone facing the same difficulty as I did. Click on the Anti Lost Wrist Belt to find out details and to buy this ‘must’ product. You can find it in other colors as well.

Anti Lost Wrist Belt (2.5M/ 98Inch).
For only £ 9.49
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Children Safety is not a joke, neither is something to be taken by granted. Today’s toddlers are very agile and run toward danger without fear. I stand better for prevention, that to regret on what happened to your child.

These are the thoughts I wanted to share with you, dear readers of FAMILY+ Blog. They do not cover for all children safety issues, but this was the best I could do for the time my daughters left me to write. I promise I’ll come back again with other discussions about this theme. Let me know if you have any question or thought on the comment box. All the Best!

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