How to Make Wonderful Fruit Salad ala’Macedonia

Have you ever heard about the famous Fruit Salad ala’Macedonia? The reason I like it is because it’s a light and healthy sweet, which have different tastes based on the combination of fruits you put in. It has fresh and natural sweet taste, and beautiful appearance all the time. I prepare the Fruit Salad ala’Macedonia anytime I have several kinds of fruits at home and I wish to taste them all at once. The secret of this sweet is to use fresh and natural fruits and to know how to balance the taste of different fruits. Here I go with the recipe:

Ingredients (for 4 portions): / Ingredientes (para 4 porciones):

  • 1 average apple, juicy one / 1 manzana promedio, jugosa
  • 1 kiwi / 1 kiwi
  • 1 banana / 1 plátano
  • 2 full round slices of pineapple / 2 rodajas redondas de piña
  • 4 strawberries / 4 fresas
  • 1 red orange (with pomegranate flavor) / 1 naranja roja (con sabor a granada)
  • 1 mandarin orange / 1 mandarina
  • brown sugar / azúcar morena
  • white wine / vino blanco

Preparation: / Preparación:

Wash the fruits with abundant water and drain them with kitchen paper. Peel all fruits, apart strawberries, and chop them into small equal pieces. Attention! In order to have a balanced taste, it’s very important to have the slices of fruits equal in size. Place the fruits into the serving bowls and add little brown sugar and few drops of white wine, or even better Martini Bianco. In case you miss white wines you may replace them with few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Carefully mix the salad and it is ready for eating. Nicely serve the fruit salad in a beautiful glass pudding cup. Should you wish, add little shredded fresh mint leaves.

Bon Appetite!

Lave las frutas con abundante agua y escúrralas con papel de cocina. Pele todas las frutas, aparte las fresas, y córtelas en trozos pequeños iguales. ¡Atención! Para tener un sabor equilibrado, es muy importante tener las rodajas de frutas del mismo tamaño. Coloque las frutas en los tazones y agregue un poco de azúcar morena y unas gotas de vino blanco, o incluso mejor Martini Bianco; en caso de que pierda los vinos blancos, puede reemplazarlos con unas gotas de jugo de limón recién exprimido. Mezcle cuidadosamente la ensalada y estará lista para comer. Muy bien servir la ensalada de fruta en una hermosa taza de pudín de vidrio. Si lo desea, agregue pequeñas hojas de menta fresca rallada. ¡Buen provecho!

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The Fruit Salad ala’Macedonia could be served as the last plate of a full meal, or could be served in the afternoon with a glass of white wine.

To be kept in mind: Use only 5 – 7 kinds of fruits for one preparation of fruit salad. Always combine very juicy fruits with non-juicy fruits in order to not allow the salad to swollen. This salad must be consumed right away in order to maintain its good fresh taste and the beautiful appearance. In the coming days, we shall post an article with different combinations for the Fruit Salad ala’Macedonia.

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