Do you Want to Help one Mother? – Help her Take Momcations

Everyone should understand that being a mother is a hard job. Studies tell that a housewife with children works 9.5 hours everyday, no break-days at all. For all those having a job, it is clear how hard is to work so much without any vacations at all. Just to make a comparison, 9 -17 employees work only 6.2 hours/day, when you take out the time spent at work without really working (lunch, smoke breaks, other breaks).

Since beginning of July, I’ve heard endless ‘complains’ of my friends, and other mothers online from all over the world, about how hard it was for them during family holidays this summer. The biggest number of complaints was from mothers with toddlers that went to the beach for summer vacations. They spent all the time worrying about: kids not liking the sea, kids not liking the food at the restaurants, kids not liking the hotel, kids not liking the new place, what should they dress, how to entertain them, etc.

You can imagine how much these mothers rested during family holidays: NOT AT ALL. For them, family holidays is getting out of their normal routine built with so many efforts and adjustments to make it work well. It means to have to manage additional change for all family members. This is hard to do, especially when you travel in foreign unknown countries. Most of them came back home tired from holidays and went immediately back to normal house routine.

But, how can we help mothers get rested and fueled with new energies? The answer for this was given to an article at Power of Positivity. They introduced the concept of Momcations, vacations moms should get without children nor partners. It means time off, mothers should take by themselves and for themselves. It’s kind of retreat trips mothers should carry on time after time to regain energy and re-find themselves.

I like the idea so much, even though I don’t think it is so easy for a mother to get the spine off completely. It’s like when you start meditation. At first it is impossible to put thoughts aside and let the brain rest and focus in deep beliefs. It takes time and practice to achieve full concentration of the brain on meditation.

The same applies for mothers. As much as they desire to take time off and get full rest, they need some practice to reach to that point. Firstly , they need to let go all their worries about kids’ routine, husband’s routine and house routine. So, my advice for all mothers are:

  1. Plan to have momcations during the year
  2. Start with a day off or a weekend just to start getting used with the idea of momcations.
  3. For the first time of your momcations, find a place with little communication means as possible (no phone, no internet would be good), so you don’t be tempted to reach the house, and even your family should not disturb you for any small and stupid thing they could not solve by themselves.
  4. Exercise your hobbies and passions during your momcations.
  5. Make sure to have a great time during your solo-vacations.

It is so important for mothers to get some rest from their busy routine. And people around them should make this happen. I’m talking about their partners, members of their extended family (mothers, fathers, siblings all these being in-law or from their family of origin) and sometimes their closed friends. Moms need help to carry over their tasks and responsibilities, and one of the biggest help you can give to one mother is to allow her to take time off, even for a little while, from her mother role and feel again herself as a woman and free individual.

Dear friends, help mothers take momcations. It is an investment in their health and well-being of their families. It takes some sacrifice on your side, but it is so worthy and rewarding over time. Remember, while your wife/ sister/ mother/ close friend is having the so-much-needed momcations, you have the chance to spend more time with your children/ nephews/ nieces/ siblings and your favorite little friends. You can use that time to strengthen your relationship with them and have a great time together.

Momcations, should be the number one gift in your list for all mothers you’re closed to. Should you like to be a super hero, offer them paid weekends in beautiful places. Remember to choose places with spa and other relaxing activities.

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