What Happens When Desperate Parents Poison Their Children

Have you heard about the new trend in UK, where parents of autistic children are ‘treating’ them with bleach? I was terrified to read this horrible news at Fatherly.com.

Desperate parents, who are not copying well with health situation of their children, are forcing their kids to drink cocktails of chemicals. This mixture is promoted to be able to cure autistic behaviors, by killing the parasites these parents think are the causes of autism. I’m talking about a mixture of products labeled “Keep away from children”.

I don’t know what are the right words for these parents. It is a similar situation of parents (probably the same ones) not doing the MMR vaccine to their babies, because lots of media people say it causes autism. Now, we have these desperate parents believing that bleach and other chemicals will ‘clean’ the body of their children. It is absurd to believe that human body could be treated such as common clothes. It has a parasite (or a stain at clothes), so let’s wash it out with bleach and remove it.

Dear Parents! I stand next to you in the difficulties of raising autistic kids. They are unique and special in a very particular way. I deeply believe you should be the first to understand and stand for this. It is not difficult to make a little kid drink whatever we want, because they believe in us as their parents. But, it is our essential duty and purpose of life to protect our children, even from our own difficult moments. Please, do not harm your children! Make sure to choose wisely who you trust. There are many physicians and scientists involved with autism issues, that fight everyday to find safe and sound scientific solutions for this syndrome. Check out the source of the information you receive, before deciding to go for it. There is no chance in the world that you could have your child benefit from dangerous chemicals such as those included in the “autism-fight-drink”.

While writing these rows, I’m feeling too bad in my stomach, imaging those lovely kids out there suffering from those dangerous chemicals inside their bodies. Have you ever wondered how will they feel by pouring in their stomach such dangerous liquids? Have you ever thought about the physical damages you’re causing to their health? Physicians speak for internal hemorrhages, irreparable damages to stomach and all digestive system. All these, are grave consequences for your children health.

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I wonder what law makers and police do about such situation. Children have legal rights and if they are not protected by their own families, there are laws and public institutions that must protect them. I hope they will work closely with public to raise awareness about the danger of such parental behaviors, and interfere to stop parents from doing such mistake.

Those parents are desperate to the point to believe everything they hear as a solution for syndrome of autism. They need help from everyone. They need to believe in good days again and that their children are a blessing sent by God. They need some rest and peace from their daily worries, in order to gain strength to support their children to find their way in life. Being a parent is difficult. Being parent of a child with special needs is even more difficult. Parenting means doing the best for the children. Please dear parents, Love Your Children for who they are and make the best for them to have a healthy and joyful life!


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