Are you Displaying Your Real Self through Instagram Photos?

Instagram is the hot trend of this decade. The reason for that being: People are tired of words and finally recalled the famous saying “1 photo speaks for 1,000 words”. But, how does your photos on Instagram speak for you in the eyes of other people?

A new study performed in US with two groups of participants from two different parts of country, found out that the type of photos people post on Instagram does effect the way other people perceive them. This was what two group of participants did: the second group did express their opinion about personality of participants of the first group based on their last 30 posts on Instagram.

Results of the Study

Results of the study were quite surprising ones.

I. People that posted more selfies, were perceived as less self-confident, less successful, least open about new things and less interactive socially, compare to people that posted photos taken from other people.

II. Especially selfies of physical appearance, the ones in front of a mirror were marked very low.

III. People that posted more photos taken from other people, had more followers and followed more people, in other words were more likable on Instagram.

Aren’t these surprising findings? Have you ever thought that selfies will make you look ‘weak’ and ‘bad’? Have you ever thought that your Instagram account, that you invest so much time on it could damage you ability to better connect with people?

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Be careful my dear friends! Next time you’d like to post a new selfie on your Instagram Account think for a moment how that will make you look in the eyes of your followers and others that see your photo. Do you want to look unsecured and unsuccessful? The decision is all yours. Cheers!

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