Do you Know why Amazon is On Fire?

Last days have been very busy for me, still I kept an eye on developments from Amazon fire in Brazil, and of course Amazons Big Sales online -:) I’ve followed most of the political speculations about the big tragedy in Amazon forests, but there is nothing unusual in there. Usual discussions and declarations that does not real give any solution to the core problem.

My attention was captured by some strong declarations of EU Countries related to the fires in Amazon forests. They were talking about a new deal with Brazil and called for cancellation of that particular deal, unless Brazilian government reacts about the firing situation. I got confused from such statement, but an article in CNN by Eliza Mackintosh had exhaustive arguments about the reasons why Amazon forests and some other parts of Brazil are on fire. As usual, everything comes down to bottom line and profits of big businesses strongly related with governments.

CNN wrote that the reason, we see those horrible images of Amazon forests on fire, is the development of beef industry in Brazil, based on growing requests for export from Asiatic countries. The famous deal mentioned from French President and government of Ireland, is about more Brazilian beef to be imported in EU Countries starting 2021.

So, dear friends, the situation is quite simple: Brazil as many other countries in the world, is sacrificing its own natural resources in the name of industrial development. They are selling their own environmental well-being in the name of more income for the country. And this would not be the first time in history, as many global leaders tend to display it. China did the same thing several decades ago, by concentrating most of global production of industrial products, thus causing heavy environmental damages to the country.

Fires in Amazon Forests 2004.

CNN blamed the Brazilian President as the person who, at least, is allowing the current firing situation in Brazil. I believe the blame should go to the imbalanced development of big and small countries in the world. Brazil counts for more than 105 millions inhabitants, and is a poor country. People there are ready to do anything to feed their families. The problem this time is: Amazon forests count for emission of 20% of clean air in the world. This is a huge responsibility for a big, but poor country. Protection of Amazon forests should come from joint efforts and actions of all G8 Countries and the rest of the world. These will serve as an investment for protecting the environment and saving the future of the planet.

The case of Amazon Forests brings up an essential issue, which is forgoten most of the time. We are all inhabitants of the same planet. When it comes to our joint cohabitation, we all influence each-others lives. High emissions of CO2 in China and other highly industrial countries, does influence air quality of all other countries in the world and on the spreading of new diseases and viruses in various parts of the world (f.e. in Nordic Countries). We are citizens of the world, and we share the assets of the planet. Unless we start to think this way, we will hear more and more similar disasters caused by some citizens of the world, which will require attention, efforts and actions to be fixed by other citizens of the world. Unless we start to take care of important issues of the planet, we shall see appeals such as: “Do not eat meat in order to save Amazon forests from burning”.

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