Emigrant Children’s Rights Lost in a Big Official Mess

I was surprised to read at CNN about the vaccination situation of emigrants hold in custody by the US Emigration Office. It is known fact that new administration is trying to save money on emigrants matter. But what is unknown is what’s really happening with emigrants held in custody.

These are people that are meant to stay in custody for up to 72 hours. But in reality they stay there for longer periods. I’m talking about numerous people coming from all parts of the world, that stay in camping regime. Many of them are children, some of them without parents.

All these people have rights and need to be treated with respect and kindness. They approached American Land with their American Dream in mind. I am sure they had no idea they are running toward huge health problems instead. Three children died so far in these centers, due to lack of vaccinations against flu. Authorities are still hesitant to take minimal measures to vaccinate everyone in the center. At least about flu?!

Discussion about Children Vaccines

There is a huge discussion going around the world about children vaccines. Many people question their quality and effects on children health. MMR vaccine is the most anathematized one, due to the believe it causes autism. US government introduced new measures to ‘oblige’ parents to vaccinate their children. These measures are: penalties, non-acceptance to kindergarten and school, etc. On the other side, the same administration consciously leaves thousands of emigrant children without proper vaccination. I see this as a double standard approach.

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Every child of the world has legal rights and need to be treated with dignity. Emigrant children situation asks for more compassion, as they are children that have gone through lost of suffering until arrived to US border (wars, famine, lost of families, bad living conditions, removal, etc.) They have the right to live healthy lives, that are not put in danger by preventable diseases, such as flu.

What can be done

I consider a shame for US as a country to have children, under the state custody, die from preventable medical conditions. If this is an issue of budget, I’m sure many people would donate to help those children. So, the government can buy the flu vaccines and others needed. This way, the health of emigrant children in custody by state can be protected. The same people and many more should join their voice with the emigrant children screams. They are only asking for better living and health conditions while in custody.

Everyday we read news about epidemic diseases threatening the world. It is unbelievable to hear US officials undermine so easily the risk posed on public health. They keep together so many people from all parts of the world, mixing this way cocktails of viruses and bacteria. And, those ‘cocktails’ that could easily cause epidemics right inside USA.

I know how state offices work and their slowness due to high level of bureaucracy. But, this is not the case to perform full power of bureaucracy. This is the case to move faster in providing needed vaccines. October is coming and flu is right outside of the door. I’m sure US officials will work out a solution about emigrant children and vaccines for them.

What is your opinion about this situation? Let us know your opinion in comment box.

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