Do Politicians Really Want to End Amazon Fires?

I’m wondering about this question all these days, while I hear the ping-pong declarations of political leaders. Today, the President of Brazil turned down the aid committed by the President Macron during the G7 Summit (around $22 millions).

I don’t know why I was not surprised to hear that. Since the beginning of the Saga of Amazon’s Fires, I had this feeling that this huge environmental problem for the planet will turn out to be an ‘weapon’ in the hands of political leaders. A weapon to gain more power, or to reach other objectives, that are important to them only.

Fires in Amazon continue to burn since days now and apart the real heroes, inhabitants of the damaged areas and environmental organisations, and some help from the Brazilian Army, no one else is taking concrete actions. Presidents of high influential countries continue to exchange very weak comments about their own personal or political ego. They sound so small, when arguing in this level about such important issue. I don’t see any difference in the value added side with the poor discussions of my neighbors about the color of the stairs of our residential building.

Amazon rain-forest continue to burn and the only actions taken are from the Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio and the appeal of Pope Francis, who asked all Catholics of the world to contribute for the ending of Amazon Fires. With his deep believe in human kindness and human solidarity values, he is trusting people will join to solve this issue. Coincidentally, both presidents I mention before are leaders of two big Catholic countries.

I think the biggest hope now remains to pray God to make a miracle and to pour tons of rain in the Amazon region. I’m sure the ending of Amazon fires will come from God, because political leaders of the world find it very difficult to leave their egos at home and for once to think about the best of the planet and world population. In Albania we have a saying that fully describes Amazon’ s situation: ” The village is burning, while the slut continue to comb herself”.

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