Leonardo DiCaprio donates Huge Amount of Money for Amazon Fires

While the whole world is keeping the breath about the dramatic situation in Amazon’s fires, the first VIP has acted upon the issue. Hollywood Star, Leonardo DiCaprio, had donated $5 millions to the local organizations that are working on the ground for controlling 72,000 fires in Amazon.

Fires in Amazon Rainforest
Image taken by: https://www.foxnews.com

While world leaders are playing ping-pong with the Amazon situation, DiCaprio is showing the way how to deal with it: just go and support people dealing with it. His foundation Earth Alliance will make the donation directly to indigent communities and other organizations fighting with fire.

Following his example, France will donate €20 millions for the same purpose of controlling fires in Amazon. Great Britain is next on the row too.

Let’s hope this will be the beginning of help needed in Amazon. The biggest ecosystem in our planet, which absorbs a huge amount of CO2, is actually contributing on the reverse side, by releasing big amounts of carbon on the air.

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