New BMW X6 will have a Unique Color for The First Time Ever

Have you heard the story of black cat? In some countries the complete black cat is considered good luck and people wish to see one in the morning to have nice day. While in other countries the black cat, or “midnight’ as people call them, is considered bad luck. Especially if a black cat cuts your way it means something bad will happen to that person. I’m witness of several occasions when people will stop and wait for someone else to pass after the black cat.

Despite all the allegations about “midnight” cat, this creature is unique and admirable. Seems that BMW is bringing another “midnight” on the streets soon. The new model of X6 to be released in the Frankfurt Motor Show will have a unique color: the so-called ‘blackest black’, official name Vantablack, According to CNN this color is not new to the world, as it has been introduced and registered since 2016, but for the first time ever a car will come in this color.

The new BMW X6 photos released by the automotive producer are just amazing. The so-deep vantablack, which absorbs 99% of the light, allows for any detail and accessory in the car to look just fantastically great.

BMW is going to surprise the whole world with this third generation of X6. Definitely, collectors and car enthusiasts from all over the world will be gathered at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 12, 2019 to admire the new “midnight” car ever.

I cannot image how this new BMW X6 will look like in the streets, but we shall wait for some time to have the chance to experience the feeling such a car will give to us. Till then: Drive Safe and Enjoy the Journey!

Here are some helpful products to be used in the car. Click on each photo to see the details and but it.

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