The Unusual Realities of This to-be-remembered Summer

Summer 2019 is officially over and now we can stop for a moment to recall what we went through during these last months. This summer has been quite unusual and will be remembered for several events.

Key Events of Summer 2019

I. The hottest June ever registered. We shall remember Summer 2019 for the super high temperatures in June. Meteorologists declared that June temperatures were the highest ever registered (since 70 years). The only people that were happy about them, were those who went to the beach in June, as they managed to have great time at the seaside.


II. Europe experienced a Torrid Summer. Europeans will remember 2019 as a terrible hot summer. Air temperatures going over 42˚C and most of the countries at the North of Europe found themselves in the middle of unusual heat for weeks in row. Many of families did not know what to do with children that were not used with that kind of hot.


III. Greenland registered record amount of ice melting. The hot summer has impacted the water temperatures, and caused a huge amount of ice in Greenland to melt in solo one day. Read here to learn more about this particular day.

IV. Fires in Amazon. We are used to hear about fires during the hot season. Some of them are accidental, some are due to the high temperatures and dryness and some fires are set deliberately. But, the news about tremendous number of fires in Amazon’s rain-forest caused lots of concerns around the world. Summer 2019 will be remembered as the summer of fires in Amazon.


V. Fires in Sub-Saharan Africa. Amazon was not alone in its fight for surviving the red flames. Satellite images showed even more red zones in Kongo and other countries around. Seems that 2019 Cold season will be the one we shall be able to come out with the calculation of environmental damages from such fires.


VI. Finally, Summer 2019 left us with the Dorian Hurricane approaching Florida and South Caroline. I cannot recall anymore how many hurricanes we’ve followed live this year. The bad news is that this one is the strongest and biggest hurricane since 29 years now. Bahamas suffered its terrific power with human victims, flooding and immense devastation. Let’s pray Florida and South Caroline will not suffer the same.


Summer 2019 was not a nice one dear friends. I hope Winter 2019 will not be a difficult one as well. My sister is scared about it, as she recalls our grandmother used to say: “If quince tree is full of quince fruits, that the winter will be very cold and difficult”. And, to say the truth, the two quince trees in our residential complex are so much loaded with fruits. Let’s hope the grandma will not be correct this time.

However, before getting to the cold season we have to help our kids to return to school successfully, as a good sign for the continuity of the school-year. And there are so many things to fix: time schedule, studying hours, getting up earlier in the morning and go back to books. Fixing this aspect will be enough occupying for us until the cold season arrives. Till then: Be Good!

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