Should you Like to Be Trendy – Go to the Newest Underwater Hotel

I’m talking about the first ever underwater hotel that is being build in Australia. It is the newest touristic attraction for all people that like undersea life, diving and get excited about being among the first ones to try new things built.

Should you like to be trendy: Plan to spend Easter Holidays at the newest underwater hotel just on the side of Lady Musgrave Island in Queensland State, Australia. It will be opened for Easter and you may have the pleasure to be among its first visitors. Get the package of two-days-and-one-night to enjoy the undersea life views from your hotel room.

This is how Underwater Hotel will look like.

You may choose to stay at the underwater room (three meters under water) with 360 degree views, and enjoy the view of the ocean with day lights and the night view at the underwater observatory with UV lighting. The hotel is very near of one of the most treasured coral reef systems on the planet, The Great Barrier Reef and this fact adds up the uniqueness of this experience.

View of Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. Australia

But, how much will cost to become part of this experience? The package for hotel accommodation only, costs $550 per person. You may add to it the travel cost and other expenses for extra activities such as diving. Not a cheap experience indeed, but trendy lifestyle request to bear such a cost. Imaging the photos on your Instagram profiles and people reactions about them.

Should you decide to go there with your family or friends, don’t forget to take with you the diving stuff needed to fully enjoy this experience. Our proposals are: diving suits for men, diving suit for women, diving suits for kids, diving socks and diving dry hood. Click on the photos of the products to buy them.

And last, but probably the most important one is the Waterproof Camera. Click on it to check out the details and buy it.



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