The Frightening Story of the Teen who Lost Sight from Malnutrition

Unbelievable, but true story unfortunately. A 17 years old British boy has permanently lost sight due to malnutrition. For many years his diet was composed only by: fried chips, potatoes’ chips and occasionally some white bread and little ham.

I could not believe my eyes while I was reading the news at BBC, and kept coming back to it to make sure I read it correctly. Unbelievable indeed! Personally, I could not image how come a human being could live without eating any healthy food at all (no fruits, no fresh vegetables, no fish, no nuts, no eggs, no cereals and no diary products). It sound like a joke, but this is exactly the opposite of a healthy diet (it goes 180 grade on opposite direction).

The Consequences of Malnutrition

The doctors said he had lost minerals from his bones at an exclusive level for his age. He lacks most of vitamins in his body, especially Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. The lack of these vitamins have caused the permanent damage in his eyes, leaving him blind for all his life.

I always feel sad about the stories of malnourished children from poor countries. But even them, try to find any plants’ roots or fruits to improve even for just a little bit their alimentary diet. Those children are victims of their bad luck, for being born in very poor families, that could not feed them properly. I don’t know what to say about the story of our teenager. He definitely took wrong decisions about his diet, but what about people around him? Doctors have warned the guy when he was 14, about the deficiencies his way of feeding was causing in his body. How come no one paid attention to his diet even after the warning?

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Malnourished Children

The sad story of the British teen speaks a lot about the importance of good nutrition and how attentive we should be as parents to educate our children with the good habit of eating healthy food. I strongly believe, we should persist to feed our children properly. There is no room for kids’ choice, when we see bad choices our children do regarding food. Naturally, kids are attracted by junk food. All of us have gone through the teenage tendency to eat unhealthy food, just to show our parents that we decide now. But there was no chance for me to only eat junk food. My mother would lock the door until I eat even the healthy preparations she made for me and my siblings.

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Dear friends, please be attentive about the diet of your children. Make sure they get all necessary nutritional elements to be healthy. Make sure they eat: fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, legumes, cereals, nuts, and drink plenty of water on daily basis.

Teach your children how to live an active and healthy lifestyle, by being role models for them. Do not leave children alone in their teenage challenges. They might be more difficult in the particular stage of life, by they are still our kids. The ones we gave birth, the ones we babysit for years, the ones we taught to walk, to speak, to read and to eat healthy food. Deep down their teen rebellion, they continue to believe that parents are the only safe source of advice and support. Make sure to help your children to be healthy through their life, and let’s hope we shall not hear anymore stories like the one I started this article with.

Happy Parenting!

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