How to Make Sweet Red Peepers Delicacy

This recipe is very simple, but very delicious at the same time. I prepare it as a snack to drink a glass of white wine and to enjoy nice moments. Here I go with the recipe:

Ingredients: / Ingredientes:

  • 9 small sweet red peppers / 9 pequeños pimientos rojos dulces
  • 200 gr fully drained sour cream (made by yogurt) / 200 gr de crema agria completamente escurrida (hecha con yogurt)
  • 1 egg / 1 huevo
  • 1 bunch of fresh parsley / 1 manojo de perejil fresco
  • Salt, white pepper, olive oil / Sal, pimienta blanca, aceite de oliva.

Preparation: / Preparación:

Wash the red peppers with abundant water and drain them with kitchen paper. With the help of a knife, remove the upper part of the red peppers, where the tail stands, and the interior part as well. This preparation requires to have the red pepper completely empty.

Take a small bowl and add there the sour cream, prepared by draining the slightly-sour yogurt, the egg, little salt, white pepper, shredded parsley and two spoons of olive oil. Mix well the preparation until is prepared a uniform filler. With the help of a small spoon start filling the empty red peppers with the filler. Attention! Make sure to fill the entire internal part of the peppers with a layer not thicker than 1 cm. Place the filled red peppers in a baking-pan covered with baking- paper. Bake them in pre-heated oven for 30 minutes with 200.

As soon as the red peppers are ready, nicely serve them in small plates decorated with fresh spice leaves.

Lave los pimientos rojos con abundante agua y escúrralos con papel de cocina. Con la ayuda de un cuchillo, retire la parte superior de los pimientos rojos, donde se encuentra la cola, y la parte interior también. Esta preparación requiere tener el pimiento rojo completamente vacío.
Tome un tazón pequeño y agregue la crema agria, preparada escurriendo el yogur ligeramente agrio, el huevo, poca sal, pimienta blanca, perejil rallado y dos cucharadas de aceite de oliva. Mezcle bien la preparación hasta que se prepare un relleno uniforme. Con la ayuda de una cuchara pequeña, comienza a llenar los pimientos rojos vacíos con el relleno. ¡Atención! Asegúrese de llenar toda la parte interna de los pimientos con una capa no más gruesa de 1 cm. Coloque los pimientos rojos rellenos en una bandeja para hornear cubierta con papel de hornear. Hornee en horno precalentado durante 30 minutos con 200.
Tan pronto como los pimientos estén listos, sírvalos en platos pequeños decorados con hojas de especias frescas.

This is another elegant way you may serve this delicacy, decorated with laurel leaves.

Bon Appetite!

Esta es otra forma elegante de servir este manjar, decorado con hojas de laurel. ¡Buen provecho!

I always enjoy The Red Sweet Peppers Delicacy, especially when I invite friends to have a nice talk. It is a tasty vegetarian delicacy and very healthy as well. I encourage you to try it at your home as it is very simple preparation, but worth trying. Let me know how was it.

Be Good & Eat Healthy!

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