A Dog at Home??? How to Take the Right Decision

I’ve been thinking about the issue of deciding to take a dog since days now. Not because I’m actually in this dilemma. Fortunately, I’m beyond that phase since almost 4 years now and enjoy the presence of Blondie, my dog, in my home. The reason I keep thinking about it is because one of my neighbors asked me advice about it. She was thinking to get a dog, but she wanted to ask my opinion first.

I love dogs and my immediate answer was “Yes! It’s a great idea”. But after thinking more about it and after reading some recent studies at Harvard Medical School about dog owners, I kept thinking what would be a fair list of fair arguments about taking a dog at home. So, today I make my best to put down my arguments about the dilemma to take a dog at home or not. I invite all you my dear friends facing such dilemma right now to read them and finally decide based on your circumstances and personal preferences. Here I go with the lists of Pro’s and Con’s to have a dog at home.

Pro’s of Having a Dog at Home

Dog are Lovely Creatures

They are capable to give lots of love and joy to You, their owners. The love of a dog could hardly be compared with any other love in your life. It is unconditional love and deeply heart related.

Dogs are Great Company

Dogs can be your good friends, because you can take them almost everywhere. You can walk with them, you can drive with your dog, you can even do some shopping with them, no doubt you can play with your dog, you can even sleep with your dog. It is a great companion, especially for lonely people.

Dogs will Protect You

Having a dog at home is like having a zealous guard at home. Some dogs, like my Blondie, are particularly fond of home territory and would not allow anyone unknown to enter in there. If you have next to you a dog that loves you, he will sacrifice everything, even own life, to protect you from any threat.

Dogs are Great with Children

My daughter loves my dog. She learned how to be hilarious just by running and shouting after Blondie. After the first phase when she wanted to wick Blondie’s furry, now they are getting alone so well. I strongly believe that Blondie and his energy has positively influenced my daughter’s growth rate. Another scientific argument about children and dogs is that dogs have the ability to protect children from some dangerous viruses. Dogs draw such danger away from children and this is a very strong positive reason for parents to have dogs at home.

Dogs will Amuse You

You have no idea how much you’ll smile due to your dog. Since when they are small and even when they grow up, they will donate you lots of joyful moments. Trust me when I say it. I enjoy lots of stupid behaviors of Blondie, f.e. the way he runs after birds that enter his ‘air space’ -:)

Dogs will Help You Get to Know New People

Once I moved to a new neighborhood, and Blondie was the reason that made me know many people in my new neighborhood. I mean people I could not meet otherwise. They were dog owners of Blondie’s new friends, or people that loved my handsome Blondie. They would stop to talk to me and to fondle Blondie. By becoming a dog owner you’ll will join a huge community of people that love animals in general and dogs in particular. If you’re keen to know new people, just get a beautiful dog and you’ll see how fast you’ll get connected with new people.

Dogs are Good in Knowing People

I know it sounds strange, but for me has proven true. Blondie have shown to be very good in distinguishing false and negative people around me. These are people Blondie refused to get close to them since the first time he saw them. Animals are very good to read the energy of people and things around them. Should they feel negative energy, they will not get close to the source of negative energy. Please do not take this as an axiom, but dogs are really good in distinguishing good people from bad ones.

You’ll Learn New things

By becoming a dog owner, your be exposed to completely new things. It is a chance to learn new stuff and to expand your knowledge. Take the chance to learn as much as you can. New things help keep your brain fresh and active.

You’ll have Heart Benefits

I read this finding from a study published at Harvard Medical School. Dog owners appear to have additional health benefits compare to non-dog owners. It is due to the ‘obligated’ physical activity and joy we receive from our dogs that helps us to have a stronger heart.

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Con’s of Taking a Dog at Your Home

Having a dog at home is not a feast all the time. There are some things to be considered too, before you take your decision about taking a dog at your home.

Dogs are Like Babies that Never Grow Up

At the moment you welcome your dog at home, please be aware that you’ve enriched your home with a ‘forever baby’. Dogs are spooky creatures and are like that till the end. A child would grow up and start to understand more and behave. While dogs are ‘different kind of babies’, they grow up, understand more, but choose to behave like babies all the time. In other words, dogs require a lot of patience to cohabit together with them.

Dogs will Demand their Needs Even When You have No Chance

Do not expect understanding from your dog when you’re sick or very tired. The dog will come to bother you until his/her needs (food, walk, playtime, etc.) are fulfilled. I recall only one time when all family was sick for 5 days long and Blondie would sit to the door and make his ‘worry face’. Otherwise, he is a big pain-in-the-ass when demanding own things.

Dogs could Make Your House Dirty, On Purpose!

It happened to me today, I went out to finish some commissions and Blondie who was angry to me for not taking him with me, has pissed inside the house. I could understand from his eyes and his behavior that he did it on purpose to show me he is angry to me. At the same time, there is that horrible period of teaching the dog where to pee and to shit out, that he/she would get your house really dirty. Again, patience is the name of the game.

Do not forget the effort to collect dogs puppy from the ground, a measurement to keep the environment clean all the time.

Dogs Could Get you Hurt

In a recent study in US, in the last 4 years have been registered an increase number of emergencies related to broken bones in senior people due to the accidents with their dogs. Either a medium to big dog (which can knock you down or pull you over) or a small dog (which can get under your feet) can pose a fall risk. If we add here any problem with equilibrium you can imagine how risky this might be. Should you decide to get a dog, get ready to spend some money to train the dog well, because only a well-trained dog would save you from these problems.

Dogs could Create you Problems with Other People

If your dog is not very friendly one, you should be very attentive with them as they can attack other people, especially the ones they do not like.

Furry Dogs will fill your House with fur all the time

If you welcome a pet at home, better forget the super clean house all the time. The fur will be present at your house despite how many times you clean the house everyday.

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Dogs Require an Annual Budget for Expenditure

Dogs, as any other family member have many material needs that you should plan to add to your family budget. Here are some of the annual expenses you should make for your dog:

  • Food (vessels, dog food, etc.)
  • Vaccines
  • Medical Checks
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Protecting products for car, house, etc.
  • Cleaning products (shampoo, insecticides, tooth cleaning, etc.)
  • Dog training fees
  • In some countries, dog taxes.

Make sure to consider this aspect while taking the decision to have a dog at your home.

Some Dogs Might Disobey You

Some dogs have simply bad personality. They’ll try to challenge your authority. This is not an easy situation to be handled. Professional training is the solution.

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These were some of the arguments everyone should consider before taking a dog at home. Attention! Whatever you decide there is one thing you should seriously consider before offering to a dig a home:


Once accepting at home, your dog becomes a family member and should never be abandoned. I know there are people that are capable to abandon even their children. Still I strongly believe that abandonment of dogs is a big sin. You better not take a dog at home, rather than letting them go in the street.

One last thought, If you go for taking a dog at home, do not buy it, just go to a dog shelter and adopt one there. For dogs staying there, you are hope for a good life. Make sure to educate your children with love and respect for animals. This way they will turn out to be compassionate adults that will respect diversity in the world. ENJOY YOUR DOG!

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