Kodi Lee – The Voice of Spirit that Thrilled America

Have you seen the “America’s Got Talent” this year? It was a show not to miss. Amazing performances, amazing artists at the jury and most amazing winner. Mr. Kodi Lee, 22 years old, blind and autistic was the winner of “America’s Got Talent 2019” and the guy who took away the hearts of American people.

Since the first audition, Kodi set himself apart due to his unbelievable talent in music, his unique voice and his excellent abilities to play in piano while singing. I’ve cried during all his performances! His voice touches my soul and makes me feel the same way when I hear two fantastic artists: Sir Elton John and the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. The three of them go straight to my soul with their voice and the emotions they transmit.

Kodi Lee celebrating his victory with the members of the jury and the presenter of the show.
Photo: https://www.deseret.com

I was able to see two Kodi Lee-s at the show. The timid guy who got over-thrilled from the noise and the hot atmosphere of the “America’s Got Talent” studios; who would tremble account his mother. And, the confident artist he was transformed while performing his art; capable to reach everyone around him at emotional level. His performances were the moments you could see a free man, expressing all his heart and feelings through his voice and his play.

Kodi Lee and his beautiful mother showed to the world that talent does not always stay behind sophisticated and famous artists. Talent is a gift from God and could be placed everywhere, but we should be open to see it without pre-judging. I believe “America’s Got Talent” Show made it clear that it stands for merit and non-biased selection. They only gave to Kodi the chance to enter the stage; he did all the rest by himself. He used his art to open up the world of his spirit to everyone who would listen to it. He was able to produce and deliver pure emotions, positive feelings and love for his audience. I felt lucky to be able to live such emotions. Should you like to do the same, click here to see all Kodi’s performances in “America’s Got Talent 2019”.

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There are many people around the world that consider autism a bad disease and think of individuals with autistic spectrum as worthless and not good enough. Kodi Lee is one example against such mentality. His family believed to him and helped him develop his art abilities and made him a millioner. Kodi Lee won the big price of the show $1 million. Well deserved victory for Kodi and his Family.

Kodi’s case is a great source of inspiration for many parents and families around the world that are fighting with autistic spectrum. If you accept and believe to the talents of your autistic children, you’ll give your children a reason to live their life. In the end of the day, as someone at the comments wrote: “We are all fair and square equally … unique.”

We at FAMILY+ wish to Kodi and his family All the Best. Will be looking forward to go and see him in next performances around the world.

Good Luck Kodi!

Keep up the Good Work!


Featured image: https://upload.wikimedia.org

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