Are Parents Aware of the Risk they put Their Kids in the Car?

It is known fact that driving by car is the most dangerous way of traveling. The reason for that is the high number of accidents caused by car driving and the high number of victims as result of these accidents. As per Y2018 statistics, car crashes are causing more victims on annual basis worldwide than terminate diseases such as: HivAids, cancer, cardiovascular diseases taken together. Based on statistics the number of people killed in a car accident last year was 1.24 million people.

But this is not why I asked the question at the title of the article. Safe driving is one of the measures all drivers can do to reduce the risk of car crashes and to increase their safety while driving. Another measure is to follow safety rules while at the car. Putting people in the car at safe is the most important rule about safety ones. Thus, parents are equipping their cars with babies and kids’ safety chairs.

But, statistics show that 95% of parents do not know how to place their kids properly and safe in the car. It is incredible!! I could not believe my eyes when I saw it. This is the reason why we have thousands of children die every year on car accidents. Poor children are not safely placed in the car.

These statistics remind me of a video I’ve seen online of a baby car- seat that is thrown out of the car while the father was driving. They did not secured neither the car seat, not the car door. Fortunately there were no other cars passing by, otherwise the end of the story could have been a sad tragedy.

Really, Are Parents Aware of the Risk they put Their Kids at the Car? I’m sure they are not. Because they believe they did their part of child safety job by buying the car seat for their babies. Obviously, parents are not attentive to the instruction for placing the car seat. I did not knew how to safely place the car seat of my son at first. But, I’m very careful in following instruction of all new things I buy. To be sincere, I did not find it difficult to follow the instruction written at the baby car seat itself. Plus, there is endless amount of helpful information on the web to help people learn how to safely place their baby at the car.

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Some Advice for Children Safety while in the Car

  • Always put you baby in his/her car-seat while entering the car.
  • Do not keep your baby in the front part of the car.
  • Block the car doors next to the baby (they love to play with shiny stuff)
  • Install the car-seat as instructed by the producer of the car-seat.
  • Do not remove the Car-seat often. Every time you remove the car-seat, you’ll need to do the installation procedure from the beginning.
  • Read carefully details of the car-seat to make sure you’ll buy the right size car-seat for your baby.
  • If possible, have someone sit next to your baby at the car.

Dear parents, please pay attention to the instructions of how to safely place the car seat and how to safely place the baby at the car seat itself. It is not difficult at all, but it is such a powerful measure to keep your kids safe while driving or parking. If you cannot understand them, ask help from your friends or from the car-seat seller. I’m sure everyone will be happy to help you with this request.

Statistics about Car Crashes

Here are Some statistics about car crashes to help you better understand the size of the problem:

  • Men are more disposed to be involved in a car accident (70% of accidents are men drivers)
  • The main reasons that cause fatal accidents are: drunk driving (40%), speeding (30%), and irresponsible driving (33%).
  • 90% of car accidents are caused due to human error.
  • Saturday is the day when most car crashes are registered
  • UK is the most safe country regarding car accidents (2.8 deaths/ 100,000 citizens)
  • Libya is the most dangerous country in the world for lack of safety in driving, 73.4 deaths per 100,000 citizens.
  • Cell phone is another important reason that causes car crashes, most of the drivers found in car crashes are found with mobile phone in the hand.


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