Better Make Tea in Old Way – No Plastic & Amazing Taste

Have you ever tried drinking tea prepared with those fancy pyramid bags? Those bags are so nice-looking and tea producers claim their shape help for better flagrance release from the tea leaves. It sounds a nice thinking to match the functional aspect with the nice look of the tea bag. And, I’m sure many customers do appreciate such change.

But, this is not the case of some researchers from Canada, who were focused more on the composition of the new fancy tea bags. And, they were not so enthusiastic about such change, as soon as they found out that the new tea bags were made of plastic. BBC reports they took out the tea leaves from one bag and plunge it into very hot water (95˚C). The result was surprising: “One single plastic teabag released about 11.6bn microplastic and 3.1bn smaller nanoplastic particles into the hot water”.

I should add that so far the plastic particles of this size, that are commonly found in the air or in some food (f.e. tap and bottled water), are not considered to harm the human health. But, why should we consciously add some more of these inside our body? Science is not yet able to confirm what is the effect of the amount of plastic deposited in human body due to normal living process (literally, we ‘eat up’ every week enough plastic particles at the total amount of a credit card). So, the best bet we can place is to avoid unnecessary plastic in our tea. So, dear friends we better go back to the non-fancy paper tea bags or even better to the old way for preparation of the tea with teapot.

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While I was reading about this, I kept wondering if the tea bags producers have ever thought about this issue in the first place. Did they make the same experiment with their new product? Were they aware of the plastic effects while put in touch with very hot water? I’m sure they knew about the studies showing that plastic bottles of water do supply the drinking water with micro plastic particles. So, it sound strange to me they did not consider this scientific finding in their thought process.

This is not the first case we, as customers, find ourselves exposed to health risk factors due to wrong thinking process in products manufacturing. There is a so-called 360 degree thinking method, which allows people to consider one specific subject on all possible sides and effects. One of these effects should definitely be the public health impact, especially in food industry.

And, I’m not referring only to the law requirements and standards, as we know the quality of food they have produced so far. I’m calling for the conscious concern of these producers regarding public health issues. Do they really think so long to seriously consider till the real end the impact of their products on public health. I want to believe they do it, however being cautious about what we eat and use is crucial.

Be Good!

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