58 Times Firm “NO” to Corporal Punishment to Children

I’m coming back to the argument of corporal punishment, because I heard a good news about it some days ago. One more country in Europe has joint the “non-corporal-punishment-by-law to children” group of countries.

I’m talking about Scotland. Its parliament has approved the law which considers any type of corporal punishment to children as prohibited by law. I was very glad to read at the BBC that Scotland, even though is the first country among Great Britain countries to vote for such law, is country number 58 to do so worldwide. Sweden was the first country ever to ban physical punishment to children back in 1979 and Scotland is the last country so far.

As BBC rightly mentioned in the article, finally the Scottish Parliament decided to equal children’s right with adult rights for assault situations. Till now any physical offense against an adult in Scotland was punishable by law. While Scottish children were allowed to be smacked by parents and relatives, but not to the point to leave a mark, or causes bruising, swelling, cuts, grazes or scratches. In other words, parents were allowed to discipline their children by using reasonable physical force on them. Fortunately, this is over now and any child under 16 years old in Scotland is well protected by law against any physical aggression: big or small, reasonable or irrepressible.

I hope other countries will follow the Scotland fresh example and walk on the same path to ban any type of physical violence to children. Even though there are many people around ,especially parents, loudly opposing this legal standing, I believe these voices will disappear as soon as parents will get used with the new situation. They find it difficult to accept the fact they are now legally equal to their children.

I strongly believe it is necessary for laws like this to be in place, to end violence against children worldwide. As I’ve said before: “Violence produces violence”. And world does not need more violence. World need Peace! And it is only though promoting cool-head behaviour we can achieve it. World needs the new generation to be free of fear from violence. The world needs the new generation to be contributors in generating valuable solutions for crucial planet issues and for improvement of living conditions on earth. Only free people are capable to do such things, as they do not narrow their vision and their thinking due to violence they submit in early childhood.

Love your children dear friends. Do not use corporal punishment as a way to educate them. Let this be the first life lesson for them: to never accept violence as normal. I know many women who suffers from domestic violence on daily basis (from their husbands) and accept it as normal. Do you know why? Their fathers did the same to their mothers and even to them while still single. And, this is a very sad way to live ones life. Talk to your children instead of hitting or shouting them. This way you’ll get closer to your children and will help them grow up confident and happy. Isn’t this the main goal of our existence as parents? Let me know what are your thoughts about this subject. Let us all together help each-other overcome our own bias and be better parents for our children. Cheers!

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