Daily Insulin Injections to be Forgotten – On the Way New Diabetes Pill

Diabetes is a difficult disease for many reasons. People could suffer it for a very long time. They have to follow strict food diary, should be very active and continuously furnish their body with insulin through a daily injection; not to mention the collateral damages caused by high sugar level in their blood (heart problems, kidney problems, blindness, etc.) And, these are not easy tasks, even for the more careful and systematic people on earth.

But, the researchers of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in US, has never left outside their attention the necessity to easy the life of people who suffer Type 1 Diabetes. They’ve been working on replacing the daily injection with an insulin pill that could be served orally. And, seems that finally they have come up with a new pill that has passed all clinical tests with animals. The scientists believe this could be the winning pill after the failure of other ones before. They believe they have solved the problem of dissolving of insulin before time, due to the high acidity of stomach liquids.

How does the Insulin Pill Works?

The pill with be taken orally and after slipping through the gastrointestinal tract, it will stick into the walls of small intestines using the two arms built in purpose. As soon as the pill is fixed into the walls, it releases the hormone (insulin) straight to the blood, and let the hormone does its duties to control sugar levels in the blood. Scientist are enthusiastic about the fact that the pill’s hormone does work as fast as the injection does, thus allowing for similar results (speed and effectiveness) in treating the high sugar levels in blood.

X-ray images (top left) show the capsule in the intestine. Right pictures show the arms unfolded to reveal the microneedles. Pic: MIT

There will be needed some more time until the pill will be approved for public consume, but still this is a happy news for all people around the world that suffers Type 1 Diabetes, and need to receive insulin on daily basis to maintain normal health conditions. And we re talking for hundred of millions people around the world (8.5% of the global population), which have to deal on daily basis with the burden of carrying diabetes disease in the lives. Unfortunately, the number of children suffering from both Types of Diabetes is growing pretty fast. Hold strong dear friends, help is on the way. There are many good and very smart people out there thinking for your well-being and how to make your life easier.

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Take Care of Yourselves!

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