Charity with Ambitious Goals turns to be Gold at the End

“Charity does not make you poor”. This is the motto of a well-known charity organisation at my country “Fundjave ndryshe”. They have helped many people to change their life for better. I admire their work and time after time support some of their Calls for Funds for projects regarding specific people in need.

So far, I’ve never been encountering very ambitious charity organisations. And, I’m not saying there are not any around, but I haven’t had the chance to hear about them. Until today, when I read an article about the Charity Foundation built by Roger Federer (“Roger Federer Foundation”). I’m sure you’re familiar with the famous tennis player, the man who set new records in tennis history and won 20 Grand Slams titles and held the world’s top spot at ATP rankings for 310 weeks. In 2004 he opened the foundation that carries his name with the focus on children education.

Roger Federer – Tennis Player

This foundation was mentioned in the article published at TRUTH – THEORY, as a rare example how a charity organisation was able to achieve the objective of feeding and educating 1 million children within 3 years time frame (2015 – 2018). If we do the numbers, it takes more than 910 children added to the program every day during the last three years. This is quite amazing achievement, considering the short time frame and the intensity of work. And, I must say: it’s very difficult goal to be achieved even by well-structured and ‘aggressive’ business companies.

What makes this achievement even more fantastic is the fact that the foundation is using education as a tool to approach children in need and to give them chances to get prepared for life in order to have better lives compare to the conditions offered by their families. The foundation is offering to children, mainly in African Countries, the chance to get feed properly and to get proper education. Only in these countries, the foundation has opened over 50 preschools.

Such a great achievement was inspired directly by Mr. Federer ‘s vision and his strong will to ‘impose’ to employees of the foundation the believe that such ambitious goal could be made reality. The typical strength and discipline which he has displayed throughout his sportive career, and which have made him considered the ‘golden man’, the same has influenced his foundation’s staff to make their work worthwhile in helping such a big number of children around the world. The case of “Roger Federer Foundation” is a source of inspiration for many other rich and famous people around the world, to see how clear vision and determination in charity causes could be turned to gold at the end, and could add real value to other people lives. Should you like to learn more about the fabulous work of “Roger Federer Foundation”, please click here.

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Featured image: Roger Federer Facebook

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