What Would you do with One Extra Free Day per Week?

Continuous experiments for the 4-work-days-week are showing to be promising regarding the increase in productivity of employees. The last experiment performed during the summer at Microsoft Company in Japan offices, was the best. The employees of Microsoft, Tokyo were 40% more productive when worked only 4 days/week. At the same time, they were 92% more satisfied with such change in their weekly work hours.

Shorter working hours per day (6 hours), 4-days work week, flexible working hours are the three proposals under review for many companies in order to achieve several goals at the same time:

  • Increase employees productivity
  • Reduce utility expenses
  • Increase employees satisfaction
  • Reduce sick days and absences at work

And seems that many sales and services companies will implement some of these changes pretty soon. And, this is a good news for employees who will benefit from such changes.

While I heard about the Microsoft-Japan results, I was wondering: What would I do if I have an extra free day every week? How would my schedule change? What are those important things that I’m missing right now due to time constrains?

My Personal List of Things for my Extra Free Day

And, after some deep thought, my list of things to do in my additional day off came through:

  1. More sport hours.
  2. More play time with my little boy (even though I don’t now if he will be off the same day of the week).
  3. Weekly night out with my partner.
  4. Time dedicated to major planet issues and causes of my community.
  5. Some time for embroidering, the hobby that takes stress away from me.
  6. Make a great lunch for my family.

These would be permanent activities in my extra day off every week. It is amazing when I see my list, as all things listed in there are very important stuff in my life. And, I find not enough time to do them with my current busy agenda. It makes me think: Is it worthy to spend so much time of my life working and letting essential life stuff undone? I don not have a clear answer for this.

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Since I was a child, I was educated to work hard at school and later on in my professional work in order to be successful and have a good life. And, I have a good life, no room to complain so far. But, still while I took the time to see things on this perspective, there is room for improvement to make my life more qualitative and not to allow time constrains and lack of better time management to block me from doing important things for my life.

Share Your List of Activities

What is your Wish List of Activities for the extra free day on weekly basis? I’m very curious to see what are you missing from your week my dear friends. Trust me, going through this process, is quite a useful experience to make your life better and understand what you’re missing due to routine set of rules.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts on the question: What Would you do with One Extra Free Day per Week?

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