How to Make Healthy Soup with Leeks

Today’s recipe is a very simple one, with few ingredients, but very healthy at the same time. I serve it as a first plate, mainly during cold season, because leeks are better in this season. Here I go with the recipe:

Ingredients: / Ingredientes:

  • 300 gr veal (possible with bones) / 300 gr de ternera (posible con huesos)
  • 500 gr leeks / 500 gr puerros
  • 50 gr white rice / 50 gr de arroz blanco
  • Fresh Parsley / Perejil fresco
  • Salt, red peppercorn, 1 laurel leaf, olive oil. / Sal, pimienta roja, 1 hoja de laurel, aceite de oliva.

Preparation: / Preparación:

Start with the meat processing. Cut the meat in small pieces, wash it with abundant water and place it in a stew-pot filled with cold water and 1 laurel leaf. Put the stew-pot on heat and allow for the meat to boil. Remove the scums that come out on the surface and let it simmer until the meat is done (if the fork goes in a out the meat freely, than the meat is ready).

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Meanwhile, peel the leeks and wash them with abundant water. Cut them in circles of 1 cm, If the leeks are pretty thick, cut them with circles of 5 mm. Attention! Should you like to make the soup more uniform, you may cut the leeks smaller. Add the leeks and the rice to the broth.

Comience con el procesamiento de carne. Corte la carne en trozos pequeños, lávela con abundante agua y colóquela en una olla llena de agua fría y 1 hoja de laurel. Pon la olla a fuego y deja que la carne hierva. Retire la espuma que sale a la superficie y deje hervir a fuego lento hasta que la carne esté lista (si el tenedor entra y sale de la carne libremente de lo que la carne está lista).
Mientras tanto, pela los puerros y lávalos con abundante agua. Córtelos en círculos de 1 cm. Si los puerros son bastante gruesos, córtelos con círculos de 5 mm. ¡Atención! Si desea que la sopa sea más uniforme, puede cortar los puerros más pequeños. Agregue los puerros y el arroz al caldo.

Regulate with salt, red peppercorn and some olive oil. The soup is ready when it is thickened and the rice is softened. Finish with shredded fresh parsley.

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Regule con sal, pimienta roja y un poco de aceite de oliva. La sopa está lista cuando se espesa y el arroz se ablanda. Terminar con perejil fresco rallado.

Nicely serve the Healthy Soup with Leeks in a deep plate.

Bon Appetite!

Sirve bien la sopa saludable con puerros en un plato hondo.

This is a tasty, light and healthy recipe. It is great food for children and adults. I prefer it for a light dinner as well. I recommend trying this recipe at your home. Do not forget to write to me about your impressions about it. Till then: BE GOOD AND EAT HEALTHY!

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