What is the Daily Cost for the Best Healthy Diet Found

Is there anyone here who does not want to live a long and healthy life? If Yes, this article is not for you! Instead, for all of you my dear friends standing for a long & healthy life, open wide your eyes and ears.

Out of all the propaganda in media for the best diet and lifestyle, I think I’ve found the right diet for everyone. This is a diet build under the light of three elements:

  1. Nutritional values,
  2. Planet capacity to produce,
  3. Environment protection.

In other words: this is a diet that allows for a affordable healthy life and does contribute in environmental protection as well. But, what is this fantastic diet?

The EAT–Lancet Diet 

It is named the EAT-Lancet Diet, after the name of the commission that worked for its creation, the EAT–Lancet Commission. The commission, consists of 37 world-leading scientists from 16 countries from various scientific disciplines. The goal of the Commission was to reach a scientific consensus by defining targets for healthy diets and sustainable food production. They came up with this healthy diet, which will be able to feed 10 billion people projected to live on Earth on 2050, by conserving planet and environment.

The diet is based on the energy needs of a 30 years old woman which weight 60 kg, and whose physical activity level is between moderate and high. The total amount of calories needed to be healthy is 2,503 kcal/day.

Here is the composition of the EAT-Lancet Diet as per Food Groups and the calories obtained by each food group:

Rice, Wheat, Corn & Other Cereals811
Potatoes and Cassava 39
Dark Green Vegetables23
Red & Orange Vegetables30
Other Vegetables 25
All Fruits126
5 Whole Milk or Derivatives153
Beef, Lamb & Pork30
Poultry, Eggs & Fish121
Legumes, Nuts & Soy Foods 575
Palm oil 60
Unsaturated Oils345
Dairy Fats0
Lard or Tallow36
All Sweeteners120

This is the global mean version, because various parts of the world implement slightly different weights per Food-Groups, based on availability of foods in their countries and eating culture.

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How much the EAT–Lancet Diet Costs per Day?

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation performed a study to find out how affordable is the EAT-Lancet Diet around the world. The study shows that the most affordable version of this diet cost a global median of US$2.84 per day, or US$1,036.6 per person annually. So, if we calculate the annual cost of ingredients to eat healthy for a family of 4, the annual budget comes out to be US$4,146.4.

When we see this figure it does not look to be very expensive, but the study shows that 1/5 of the world’s population (1.58 billion people) are not able to afford such amount of money for food budget. This finding is an important call for all actors involved at the food industry, to built new strategies that will allow any inhabitant on earth to be fed according to the EAT-Lancet Diet.

Some Facts to be Mentioned

  • The EAT-Lancet Diet is introduced by the commission on January 2019.
  • The EAT-Lancet Diet is composed of 15 food-groups.
  • The cost of US$2.84 per day, might be slightly higher in countries with high-income countries (prices of the products tent to be higher in these countries).
  • Fruits & Vegetables cover for 31.2% of total diet’s cost, followed by Legumes & Nuts 18.7%, Meat, Eggs & Fish 15.2%, and Diary 13.2%.
  • This diet addresses all existing environmental issues.

This diet is a win-win proposal my dear friends. We eat healthy food, that can be afforded to be produced by our planet and which contributes in resolution of global warming and other environmental issues. I think, this is the right diet to be applied for our families. What do you think? Let’s talk about it in the comments’ box. Till then: Be Good & Eat Healthy!

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