4 Things You Need to Know about Measles and MMR Vaccine

Flu time has arrived and we can say that now is measles’ time too. The reason for that being the fact that measles does show up when flu viruses are around. Scientists were not clear about the cause of such coexistence, until recently.

I. Facts about Measles

But, before getting to the new findings, allow me to tell you some facts about measles:

  • Measles is responsible for more than 100,000 deaths/year.
  • So far 127,000 new cases with measles were reported for Y2019, most of infected people are children from 9 months to 9 years old.
  • Measles is a one-time in life event. As long as you get it once, you gain immunity.
  • Measles virus are the most contagious viruses in the world. They could spread fairly easily and in a short time.
  • Measles vaccine (MMR vaccine) was introduced in 1963.
  • There are different vaccination calendars in different countries. However, the general consent is that MMR vaccine is done around age 1.

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II. Symptoms of Measles

Catching measles can cause these symptoms:

  • Fever,
  • Cold-like symptoms,
  • Rashes, these are evident especially in the on the face and head.

III. The Debate about the MMR Vaccine

There is a big debate going on around the world about the MMR vaccine. Many parents refuse to vaccinate their children due to many reasons:

The Composition of MMR Vaccine

One of the hottest discussions is about the composition of the vaccine. Some people say it contains measles’ viruses. Some other people say the MMR vaccine contains tissues from dead animals, There are more creative ideas around about the composition of MMR vaccine. The fear of ‘bad’ components make parents hesitant to vaccinate their children.

I do not know the exact composition of the MMR vaccine, but I do trust scientists that have developed it and the regulatory bodies that have approved it for public use. Overall, I trust the effectiveness of the MMR vaccine. Since its introduction around 56 years ago, we have seen the elimination of three disease: measles, mumps and rubella, in all parts of the world, where population was vaccinated with this vaccine

MMR Vaccine causes Autism?

This is an even bigger debate around the world, where are involved even many famous people. Parents believe that MMR vaccine causes their children to become autistic. There is a scientific explanation and many studies about these argument, that reinforce the same conclusion: MMR vaccine does not cause nor help the development of autistic spectrum.

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The Story behind the Autism Debate for MMR Vaccine

The story began in 1998 from a physician, who wrote a report about the MMR vaccine, declaring that the vaccine caused autism. His study was based on observation of 12 cases with measles. The physician prepared the report in favor, and paid from, a legal firm, which had a court case against the pharmaceutical companies that produced MMR vaccine. The story continues that the same physician lost his licence in 2010, as it was proved that he had lied and conducted irresponsible professional behavior with the case of MMR vaccine report. As you may see, there is not scientific evidence about the theory that MMR vaccine causes autism.

What are the Effects of MMR Vaccine into Baby’s Body?

I believe it’s very helpful to explain what happens to a baby when receives the MMR vaccine. The vaccine contains a dose of mercury, which is considered to be a bit ‘heavy’ and affects the brain of little babies, by slowing them down. It is not strange at all when vaccinated children stop saying words they used to say before. Or stop doing actions they did before.

But, do not worry: this is a temporary situation which lasts until the baby’s brain assimilates the full amount of mercury. After this period, the baby will come back to be even more energetic as before. To help children shorten the post vaccine recovery period, we should supply our babies with products that contain vitamin A, D and C. Such products are: carrots, orange juice, kiwi, tangerines, etc. Do not forget to regularly give to children of this age the Vitamin D supplement, which supports the enforcement and development of bones and muscles.

But, what happens to a child with autistic spectrum disorder? The presence of the mercury in their little brains creates the conditions for the disorder to be more visible. This is the reason why parents claim that their children displayed the autistic behavior after the vaccine. The truth is that even unvaccinated babies will show their autistic disorders probably around age 2.

Scientific Studies for MMR Vaccine Effects

The most interesting and significant study is the one published at CNN some months ago. It was a study performed in Denmark with 650,000 children from pregnancy to age 14. For the first time in this study were included babies with high risk of autistic spectrum as well. The findings showed that 95% of the babies in this category turned out to show autistic spectrum disorders, while the other 5% did not display them, even-though they were vaccinated. These findings prove right all the scientific world, who strongly recommended the MMR vaccination campaign as a vaccine free of autistic influence.

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IV. New Findings about Measles Viruses

Now, I want to mentioned the findings of two recent studies performed in the Nederland. Both studies were performed in the form of investigations after the outbreak of measles virus there.

The scientists were surprised and scared at the same time form the findings. They found out that the measles virus causes bigger damages to the human body as previously believed. The virus acted as a eraser of the immune cells memory against various types of bacteria, viruses, pathogens and diseases. This way, the virus leaves our body vulnerable and unprotected against various diseases. Till now they are called measles implications. This explains the situation I mentioned at the beginning of the article. We can see the signs of measles during flu periods, because the body gets sick due to removal of protection ability.

The other bad news is that this damage could last in time, unless the body would get again in contact with the good and healthy anti-corps.

As you see dear friends, we are putting our babies and elders at risk by not vaccinating them. The problem is that the risk is higher that it was previously thought. The fast and effective solution to all these fears is to vaccinate our children with MMR vaccines. This way, we shall protect them not only from measles, mumps and rubella, but even from other dangerous health complications as well. I hope you’ll find this article helpful and exhaustive for the subject. And I’, sure, you’ll choose wisely to protect your babies.

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