Ancient Romans like New Yorkers today?!

DNA Studies reveal that Roman Empire’s population has little to do with European natives in the region. But how was the ancient Romans’ population composed?

The Roman Empire, one of the most know in history and one of the biggest ancient empires, counted for around 70 million inhabitants and a large amount of territories in Europe, Africa and Asia. Archaeologists continue to study the history and remaining of the glorious Roman Empire. Several studies are concentrated to analyse the composition of the population of the empire in different stages of its development.

Findings of the Studies

Some findings of these studies are quite interesting:

I. Population at the beginning of the Empire

At the beginning of the Roman Empire the population was composed mostly by Europeans natives. These finding fits with other European countries population of the same period (years 900 – 200 b.c.e)

II. Population at the Blooming Period

At the blooming period of the empire (years 27 b.c.e – 300 e.c.), the composition of the population changes dramatically. The native European population is now a minority and most inhabitants of the city of Rome (the capital of the empire) is from Eastern Mediterranean Regions and Middle East Regions (Greeks, Lebanon, Syrians, etc).

III. Population after Development of Constantinople

As soon as the Roman Empire developed a second capital in the east part, the Constantinople, the Rome’s population started to move more toward European inhabitants.

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Seems that since antiquity, the destiny of big metropolis is to be composed of people from different countries, that find ways to live together. This is the main reason such big metropolis continue to develop: The synergy of diversity of different cultures brought together. Seems that emigration is not a phenomenon of modern societies, but a way of living that has accompanied humans through out history.

It is interesting to know, my dear friends, that we are not so different from ancient people. Is this something we should feel sad about? Are we ‘victims’ of cyclical behavior of humans history? Or, we are not so focused in key aspects of development as a global concept, rather we are more fond of racing with each-other.

Whatever is the derivation thoughts of these findings, there is something that remains solid: People of New York City today are living a modern story of Ancient Roman Empire. Might be that clothes and buildings are different, but the reasons and ways to bring all 10 million inhabitants of New York City together, remain similar to those of inhabitants of the city of Rome, more than 2000 years ago. It will be fun to have one day in New York City when people get dressed like ancients Romans. Maybe next Halloween, or another day?!!! It will be definitely a day to remember-:)

Featured image: By Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-TriosonKwHkqyZxc2i04A at Google Cultural Institute maximum zoom level, Public Domain, Link


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