Do you know: How ‘Old’ is Sleeping as Activity?

Recently we are used to hear so much about the importance of good sleeping and its benefits. But, have you even become curious of the origin of sleeping? How old is the first evidence of sleeping?

To be honest, I’ve never thought about it until today, when I encountered an article about it. I learned some interesting things about sleeping as physical concept and its origin. And, I thought it is a good idea to share with you some of these curiosities.

Did you know that scientists consider sleeping, only the process that happens at mammals? And under this consideration, they thought sleeping was 150 millions years old. The same age of the oldest mammal found.

Mammals’ sleeping has two distinguished processes: the deep-slow brain waves (a kind of electrical activity in the brain), and the rapid eye movement (REM). The rest of the body: heart and muscles slow down their activity while in sleep.

Fishes sleep like Humans

But, a recent study published at Science News, has catch in surprise the researchers. After a unique approach used to study the way zebra fish sleeps, they found out that zebra fish performs the same brain and body activities as mammals while in sleep. This is new evidence that brings down many years of thinking and believing.

This new discovery brings up two new mail-stones for sleeping:

  1. Sleeping is 450 million years old.
  2. Sleeping was created at sea, same as origination of life.

So, my dear friends, sounds that the street jargon: “Have little brain like a fish”, or “Sleep like a fish” are not so wrong at all. We are more alike to fishes as we though before.

I’m sure these news are not going to let us sleepless. Sleep is a physiological activity we have within us since we join the world. But, there is a question that came up in my mind right now: Is our human origin from fishes instead of monkeys? What do you think? Are we the successors of fishes that took the initiative to move to mainland?

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