How to Admire the Sky Sitting in the First Rank

This is the dream of every admirer of sky on earth. And, guess what, their dream will come true in the near future.

The fantastic news comes from London. The Center for Process Innovation, a British technology and research firm, is creating the future of air travel. And its name is: Windowless Plane.

The concept of windowless planes is to have planes with transparent screens instead of plane walls. This will allow all passengers in the plane to be able to view the sky and the panorama as it is outside. With it, we shall be able to feel the childhood excitement of fairy-tails. Flying over the clouds, feeling like the king of the world, seeing the world from above, and so on.

Fantastic view of an windowless plane flying over the clouds.
Photo of Windowless Plane – Emirates

If you’re concerned about the level of light during your trip, just relax! Because, the touch screen next to you could be turned into a TV screen with only one touch. This way we can exchange the pleasure of admiring the sea from the first rank with the fun of watching our favorite movie or TV show. Isn’t that so excited?!

The first prototype is successfully built. It contains the most sophisticated touch screens ever. They are similar technology as the screens used in smart phones, computers and tablets, but more advanced. While will still be needed several years until these kind of planes will be available for public use. So, for all of us that feel claustrophobic inside the current planes, better days are coming.

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