Do you Want to be Creative and Make less Errors?

Sounds like a rhetoric question in fact. Who in the world wouldn’t want to be creative and error free? The truth is that most of us believe that creativity is a gift to only one part of people. Scientific explanation has to do with development of left part of the brain.

And, this is probably right for some of the most amazing people in history. They were so divinely gifted, such as: Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Thomas Edison, Fred Mercury, etc.

Open Monitoring Meditation

Still, we should accept that everyone has some amount of creativity inside. The big question remains: How can we boost our creativity? There is a clear cut answer for this question: Open Monitoring Meditation (OMM). A study performed at Leiden University in Nederlands suggested that Open Monitoring Meditation influences creative thinking.

Open monitoring meditation focuses the meditator’s awareness on the feelings, thoughts or sensations that are currently present in one’s body. There are two types of open monitoring meditation:

  • Internal OMM, which focuses on thoughts, emotions, memories, and visualizations.
  • External OMM which is focused on feelings and sensations around us: the sounds, smells, colors and other perceptions of our environment.

What we do, while performing such meditation technique, is to sit quietly and pay close attention to where our mind sends us. The trick is not to block our thoughts and sensations. On contrary, we should follow the path our minds ‘draws’ freely. At the same time, we should be conscious of the new sensations and feelings we get from such journey. In this way we are able to promote divergent thinking. And, divergent thinking remains crucial for boosting our creativity.

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The Benefit of Making Less Errors

But, this is not the only great benefit from OMM. Scientists have studied a group of 212 females. The goal of the study was to find out: What happens in human’s brain during meditation? Participants meditated for 20 minutes using OMM technique. Their brain activity was measured using special equipment. Immediately after meditation, participants were asked to perform a test.

Scientists were very surprised with the increased level of error corrections by participants. They were able to understand and correct the wrong answers in a very short time (within seconds).

As you can see, the other benefit we get from Open Monitoring Meditation is to make less mistakes. No more forgetting about stuff, or doing things wrong. Our mind is tempered during OMM to reduce such small mistakes, which influence our daily life.

What to do …

As you can see my dear friends, there are available tools for us to enhance our creativity and be more accurate. What we should do, is to get dressed with comfortable clothes, find a quite place outside and sit down and listen to our mind. I believe, this is the simplest task ever. We help our mind to gain new sensations toward different aspects of life. Get our body to relax and filled with positive energy. Spend a great time ‘dancing’ with our inner side. Learn new ways to appreciate things around us. I would say: win – win – win – win – win solution for most important aspects of our life.

So, come on dear friends. Do not loose more time! Start performing OMM today, to achieve higher performance at work. Do it, to enjoy more your life. Meditate, to have better quality time with your friends and family. Follow your feelings and sensations, to see the world differently and to enhance your creativity. I’ll start it today and will share will you my impressions. Don’t forget to tell us your impressions too. Till then: Be Good and Stay healthy!

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