Keto Diet – Another Natural Way to be protected by Flu

New findings reveal some positive connection regarding flu protection and Keto diet. People that undergo this very popular diet program might get some unknown added value from the diet.

We keep turning to the flu subject as it is the flu period right now and we all feel the consequences. That feeling of weakness through all the body. I normally have teeth pains when I get the influenza. Sneezing, cough, blocked nose and the fear you can make sick everyone around you. And, these are only personal vexations from flu. If go on economy level and national level, the consequences of flu become tragic. Tens thousand of deaths/year caused by fly and billions of opportunity and real cost to economy and personal finances.

New Study

But, let’s get back to the good news I shared at the beginning of the article. A new study published at The Journal Science Immunology, referred to scientists searching on ways to influence natural body protection from flu. Scientists study any correlation of the food diet people follow with the flu protection. And, they came up with a surprising finding:

Mouses that were fed with Keto Diet regime, happen to fight influenza better, compare to mouses that were under different food diets. The mouses under experiment were infected with the virus in lab conditions.

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This is a very interesting finding. First of all, the idea that we can increase our body protection against viruses through our food diet. And, secondly, it adds to added values from the Keto Diet.

For all of you not knowing Keto Diet, allow me to explain shortly what this diet stand for. Keto Diet is a special way of feeding, that describes to people using it how to eat day by day. It counts on getting: high fat, moderate protein and very low carbs focusing on eating whole foods. The diet program requires regular physical activity too, promoting active lifestyle. It is considered to be a controversial diet program and is very trendy as we speak. Many people have found their new Keto diet very helpful in feeding healthy and improve their weight records. The ketogenic diet was firstly devised by Peter Huttenlocher in 1971, where about 60% of the calories came from the MCT oil. The classical version was used for medical purposes (curing epilepsy).

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How does Keto Diet protect Us from Influenza?

The scientist believe that the Keto diet stimulates production of mucus inside our body. And, the mucus serve as a barrier for viruses to enter the organism.

However, please keep in mind that the good news is not experimented yet on people. Thus no one knows yet if the level of protection could be the same on people. The researches strongly recommend that the only sure and effective protection tool against flu remains the flu shots. More research is needed to use the food diet as an effective protection tool against flu.

Until science will give us some more concrete findings about this issue, all Keto diet users could think this as an additional positive outcome of their diet. But, they should not start the diet with the purpose to get protection from flu. Think more about other positive outcomes of the diet, without forgetting to review the negative effects claimed time after time. Just to make sure you know what you’re doing.

Be Good and Stay away from Flu!

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