Are People Learning Right & Wrong from Politicians?

I was very surprised to hear that in US individual morale views are highly influenced by political beliefs. Said differently, we choose what is right or wrong based on our political views? 😳

These are the findings of a recent study published in American Journal of Political Science. Authors of the study have analysed the relation between morale values and their influence in politics performed by politicians. Surprisingly, they found out that the reality speaks for the vice versa relation. Political groups beliefs strongly influence the morale standing of voters. That’s why people with different political views find it almost impossible to reconcile in their thoughts.

Such findings put in discussion the Morale Foundation Theory (MFT), which stands for morale derivation from deep internal beliefs. Based on this theory, political decisions and views are fruit of individual morale values. Instead, this study finds reality contradicting it.

What does these Findings mean in Real Life

I. Explains the Confusion about Morale Values

I believe such findings clearly explain the confusion about right or wrong in today’s society. There is not a clear cut definition of right and wrong, which could serve as benchmark for comparison. People confuse their morale values with ethics of society. While in fact there is a clear distinction of Morale vs Ethics.

Tells the Current Role of Religion to Society

Secondly, it is obvious that the religion influence in people’s everyday life is diminishing. This reminds me a discussion I’ve had when I was very young. That was a period of my life that I lived as atheist. I had a discussion about right and wrong with two friends of mine, both Christian believers. They explained me that church and god’s word (bible) was the source of their understanding about right or wrong. Then, they asked me: “Where do you learn such things?” My answer was simple: My family was the place I learned such things.

Shows the Missing Role of Family

As I mentioned family, I’m sorry to say it, but even family role is put under discussion under the light of these findings. If people see politicians as the source of interpretation for right or wrong, what are families missing?

The truth about the Influence of Political Parties

Political parties influence on people lives is increasing quite fast. Even though general perception for American people is that they are not so keen on politics. It is time for the society to understand the reality.

What should Parents do?

We as parents should step up in this situation in three aspects:

– To play our role as parents to teach our children what is right and what is wrong. It is up to everyone’s choice which way to choose to achieve this (religion, books, family tradition, etc.) But, every parent must make sure their children correctly distinguish right from wrong since they start to understand.

– To be more responsible citizens regarding our vote. If politicians have the power to influence so much our lives, than let’s put more attention who we vote for.

– To teach our children how to protect their thoughts from ideology’s influence. This is very important thing to help children live a quality life as free people.

It is a bit frightening to think that our morale values are highly influenced by politics. The thought that my daughter will learn about right & wrong from Donald Trump, scares me. But, it is good to see reality as it is. This way, I can add one more important topic in my parenting list: Teach my daughter to raise up and think with her own head. What do you think about this dear friends? Let me know in your comments.

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