How to be Happier, Richer & have More Satisfying Life

Isn’t this the dream of every human being on Earth? Seems that there is a practical way to be able to do this. And, to have other commune benefits for the planet and society.

European Union has been researching to find ground to build the necessary policies for sustainable population growth. The big questions they kept in mind was: Can people’s lifestyle impact current environmental requirements? And, how does such lifestyle is translated in terms of personal life satisfaction and well-being?

Thus, they analysed data from EU countries, participating into environmental grassroots initiatives, and other countries that are not part of these initiatives. On top of these, they performed additional studies in both countries’ categories. Studies were focused on understanding personal life satisfaction.

What represent Environmental Grassroots Initiatives (EGI)?

Carbon Footprint goals stand in the core of environmental grassroots initiatives. The creators of such initiatives wanted people and countries to consider carbon emission in different domains of their life: food, clothing, housing and transport. So, people could choose alternatives that contributed in less carbon emissions. These requires different mindset and a change in lifestyle. Some ideas about these initiatives are:

Promoting active transportation (bicycling, walking for short distances, when possible: skating).

Promoting lower indoor temperatures in winter. The reduction of only 2 – 3 grades of the house temperature, could positively influence our bills and carbon footprint.

Energy savings through housing isolation practices, etc.

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Results of the Studies

The results of studies were surprising:

  • People who live according to grassroots initiatives were more satisfied with their lives. They count for 11% – 13% higher life satisfaction.
  • Their lifestyle contributed overall in 16% less carbon emission.
  • They contributed in 43% less carbon for food preparation.
  • And, 86% less carbon footprint for clothing.
  • They saved more energy, especially using active transportation ways and keeping lower indoor temperatures in winter time.
  • Overall, the income of carbon footprint group of countries were higher.
  • All data above result as comparison between EU countries that are part of EGI and those countries that are not.

As these studies, my dear friends, show it is possible to live a happier and richer life; and to save the environment at the same time. All we have to do is to make a choice. Do we want to be happier? And more rich? To increase the well-being of our families? And, to save the planet for the benefit of future generations?

I think we can hardly find people that do not want to do such things. So, let’s make it easier for them. Let each country become part of EGI for lowering the carbon footprint and build policies that will ‘direct’ population toward better and healthier living. Of course, some awareness will be needed for everyone to understand why the change in their lifestyle is for better.


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