New Important Developments for an Effective HIV Vaccine

There are more than 30 years work done for finding an effective vaccine for HIV Aids. Still, the world’s population is left without such a preventive tool to confront one of the century’s most difficult disease.

But, seems that recent attempts are showing optimistic results regarding the HIV vaccine. Scientists at Scripps Research and the nonprofit vaccine research organization IAVI, have been working for years to build a vaccine that will help improve body immunology. With this goal in mind, they have based their work on adding to the body a protein, known as: broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs). People that are infected with HIV Aids find it difficult to produce such protein consistently, thus allowing for reduced immunity.

Scientists thinking was to add such protein, called “Env” protein to the body through the vaccination. The tests performed to rabbits have produced optimistic results.

The antibodies produced by the vaccine have an unusual breadth of neutralization. They are capable to block up to 87% of 208 types of known HIV infections.

These are important news for achievement of the goal: to have a vaccine that will increase immune protection against HIV infections and their complications.

But, there is still work to be done to continue with testings on the apes, and finally to humans. If everything goes OK, we may say that this would be a very effective tool to protect us from HIV infections on a broad scale.

Another HIV Vaccine on the Way

But, the above-mentioned HIV vaccine is not the only one being worked for. Another HIV vaccine is being tested to people these days (more than 10,000 people in Europe and both Americas).

This is the first similar vaccine that has reached to the phase of testing on humans. The scientists pretend their vaccine is able to protect people from HIV Aids for a period of 2 years.

Even for this vaccine, we shall be patient to see the final results by 2023, time when first testing results on humans will be produced.

Let’s hope these attempts will produce positive outcomes at the end. And, in few years will allow us to think of HIV Aids as a ‘solved case’. That would be a fantastic achievement for the health of the new generation, which are mostly influenced by the disease.

It is always a good new dear friends, to know positive developments are on the way for mayor health issues. Still, we should wait for some more time ro be able to be protected from HIV Aids through vaccination. Till then, remember: The only one protection is to have safe sex!

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