Promising Solution for Malnutrition Problems around the World

Malnutrition is one of the biggest problems in the world right now. There are more than 2 billion people suffering from malnutrition as we talk. Most of them live in developing countries and in remote areas.

Malnutrition has not only to do with the amount of food someone eats per day. The most serious problem is when people do eat enough food (as quantity), but that is ‘poor’ food in terms of nutritive values. These people look OK in terms of weight. But, their bodies are missing essential elements to be healthy. Just recall the case of the British teenager, who lost sight due to malnutrition.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has placed lots of efforts and funding in solving the malnutrition problem once for good. Together with researchers of MIT University in Massachusetts, USA, they have come up with a promising solution.

The new Solution for Malnutrition

Scientists have been working on creating a micro-capsule with all needed nutrients for a good health. The micro-capsule is thin enough to be incorporated in normal foods, such as bread, etc. At the same time it does not change the flavor of the food.

Here are some traits of the Nutritive Micro-Capsule:

  • Contains 11 micro-nutrients (iron, iodine, zinc, vitamins A & B & B12 & C & D, niacin, biotin, folic acid). These are all essential elements for everyone to be healthy.
  • It is encapsulated with BMC material and other 3 micro-nutrients.
  • The encapsulation secures stability against: heat, light, moisture and oxidation.
  • It is successfully tested the ability of the micro-capsule to be released easily and fast in the stomach.

It is clear, dear friends, that scientists have worked out all aspects to build a winning solution. Bill Gates has been the first men to try a piece of fortified bread with the micro-capsule. He testified that the taste of bread was same as usual.

Let’s hope this excellent piece of science will be able to overcome all bureaucratic and logistic issues. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is working now with the second phase. How to make sure everyone in the planet could reach food fortified with micro-nutrients. But, if Coca-Cola was able to make it, this will definitely be the case of fortified food too.

It is important dear friends to spread the news of this fantastic developments to fight malnutrition. The more people are aware about such issues and this solution; easier will be the application of second phase.

God blesses everyone working on this project.

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