2 New Interesting Findings about the Lovely Dogs

Dogs count for most popular pets around the world. Dog owners love their four-legs friends for the love and joy they bring to their life. I enjoy the same things with my beautiful boy, Blondie. He is a source of positive energy and hilarious games at our home.

But, there were certain things we didn’t know, when we decided to keep Blondie. And, the more time goes by, the more we learn about additional benefits of having a dog at home.

I. Dogs are Smarter than thought

Until recently scientists had realized that dogs were able to recognize other dogs from their barks. But, from a recent study performed with 42 dogs, living as pets, was found out that dogs have another important innate ability. Dogs can distinguish words they know, despite who says them. Despite the fact that they have learned those words from their owner, they can distinguish them when other people say them too. No problems with dialects or any other slight difference in pronunciation. So far, the only one species that had this ability since birth were humans. Dogs are the second ones to have such ability.

I am witness of such thing. Since I took Blondie, I used to talk a lot to him. I wanted him to understood me when I spoke to him. This was typically a gut-feeling decision on my side. Later I came to know that dogs were smart animals and could learn 300 – 1,000 words. My dog has learned lots of everyday words during these 4 years. And, surprisingly, anytime I stop to talk with people, he never reacts to our conversations. Apparently, he knows the words we use while talking and does not show any interest at all.

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II. Dogs help Children with Reading

I didn’t know before, that dogs are an added value for parents in teaching children how to read.

Camille Rousseau at UBC Okanagan’s School of Education and prof. Christine Tardif-Williams at Brock University conducted a study with 17 children of 1 – 3 grades. They asked children to read a challenging text without and in the presence of a dog.

Children who read in the presence of a dog read the text easier and were willing to read additional text as well. They used different dogs, so the size and breed does not influence the effect of their presence. Both researchers believe that this can be a good idea to improve canine-assisted therapies for children in other areas of education, rather than just reading.

Isn’t it amazing dear friends? The presence of the dog helps our little ones with the first difficult task in their education: reading. And, the dogs has nothing else to do, just sitting there. My daughter is still very young for reading, but this is a very helpful thing to know.

These are two other good reasons why to have a dog at home. We should add these to the list of Pro’s and Con’s of taking a dog at home. And, remember, should you decide to get a dog, do not buy him/her. Go and adopt one at the dog shelters.

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