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Another successful collaboration between Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and MIT Research Team. This time it was the term of contraceptive pills. The team has been able to produce a pill that could be taken on monthly basis only.

Contraceptive pills are a good way to prevent unplanned pregnancy. There are many women in the world that intake pills regularly in daily basis. But, still they are not sure about the prevention of pregnancy. The reason being the strict daily use of the pill. I know many ladies, some friends of mine, that got pregnant only because they missed the pill for one day. I recall their gloom after taking the pregnancy news.

But, there are people in the world that have the vision to facilitate women’s lives. Bill and Melinda Gates asked the MIT Research Team to develop a monthly contraceptive bill. Scientist used the star-form pill, developed previously for other drugs (insulin, etc.). The new monthly pill will be taken orally, but will remain in the stomach for the whole monthly period. Experiments in animals has been very successful so far. The Foundation has granted another fund to start testing of the pill in humans.

Star-form pill invented to replace daily intakes for: diabetes, HIV, malaria ... and finally birth control through monthly contraceptive pills.
Star-form Pill used to replace daily intakes.

This pill will make women’s life easier and will increase the preventive effects of the pill. The producers of the monthly pill hope to extend its positive effects all over the world. Their target countries are mainly developing countries that have many problems with birth control.

We shall be waiting for the monthly pill to become usable for public. Till then, don’t forget to intake your contraceptive pill every day.

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