4 Strong Reasons why e-Cigarettes are not the Solution

Most of the people I know have chosen e-cigarettes as a solution to quit smoking. They are so convinced about their choice. Thus that they can speak up for hours with enthusiasm about the effectiveness of e-cigarettes.

Unfortunately, this article will show that their choice is just another disappointment. E-cigarettes do not solve the main health issue smoking causes: Respiratory Diseases.

A new study regarding e-cigarettes was published at the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. This is an analytical study, which takes in consideration data already collected from previous studies. They analyzed data of 32,320 adults in the USA, taken from 3 waves of the Adult Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (2013 – 2016). Researchers aimed to find any correlation between tobacco smoking, e-cigarettes and respiratory diseases.

Findings of the Study

The study analyzed data for three-years period of time, which is considered a long-term period. All the findings below are related to the long-term use of e-cigarettes. Here are the surprising results of the study:

  • E-cigarettes cause an increased risk for respiratory diseases:
    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD),
    • Chronic bronchitis, and
    • Asthma.
  • A combination of tobacco smoking and e-cigarettes causes a higher risk for respiratory diseases (3.3 risk coefficient vs. 3.1 when used tobacco smoking only).
  • Over time, e-cigarettes smokers end up helping the development of diabetes and high blood pressure.

4 Reasons to avoid e-Cigarettes and Other Forms of Vaping

It is not easy to quit bad habits dear friends. Like smoking, general rule is: bad habits help with development of other bad habits (vaping). But, we at FAMILY+ Blog believe in sound reasoning. We think that bad habits could only be changed if your thoughts change first. Here are some sound arguments against e-cigarettes and other forms of vaping:

I. They are dangerous to own health.

Research shows that aerosols’ practice of vaping products allows for the diffracting of their components in tiny particles. Such particles may be reaching in very deep places of our lungs. And, apart respiratory diseases mentioned above, could cause effects unknown so far.

II. It doesn’t help to quit smoking.

Study shows, there are little chances that smokers who pass to the usage of e-cigarettes will quit smoking. They are just moving from one dependency to a more fancy and modern one.

III. Vaping causes additional dental problems

Vaping causes many dental problems: from increased gum problems to permanent loss of teeth.

IV. Vaping damages health of your children

E-cigarettes may damage members of your family and other people around you. Even though most people believe e-cigarettes are harmless for other people, this is not true. The other people are exposed to second-hand emissions. These are just toxic chemicals, that damage, especially children’s health. After all, vaping must be regulated by the smoking law in order to protect public health.

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As you can see, my dear friends: E-cigarettes are not the right choice! Neither the best solution!

The best and safest solution is:

Never start smoking in the first place!

Statistics tell that the average age to start smoking is 15 years old. So, if it’s too late for you, make sure your teenage child chose the best and safest path. Inform your children about the danger of smoking. Help them choose the right path for a healthy life. It can be done! I am a real example: I have never smoked in my life. And, the main reason for that being my parents, who did not smoke as well.

Leading by example is the best alternative for parents when comes to dealing with teenagers and their education. Let’s show to our children what does it means to live a life without smoking. This is a great step in preventing drugs’ usage and other harmful ‘attractions’. It is a great contribution to start their adult life in good shape. What are your thoughts about this issues? Let’s discuss together the best practices of avoiding smoking and its consequences in our lives.

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