Non Smoking? Good, but are You at the Right City?

I am a non smoking person. The main reason because I don’t enjoy it. The health aspect was another reason too. But, it seems this is not enough to ensure good health. Scientists say the place we choose to live is probably one of the most important personal decisions regarding our health.

Did you know that smog could cause the same damage to our lungs like tobacco smoking? Yes, Sir! It is strange but true. A recent study has surprised all non-smokers like me. The study was performed in six cities of the USA with 7,000 participants. Scientists have found out that living in a place with a smog density of more than three parts per billion of ground-level ozone causes the same damage to lungs, like smoking one pack of cigarettes per day for 29 years. Unbelievable, no?!

But, wait. There is more to say about this argument. Air pollution could be risky even for short periods of exposure. I’m talking about traveling for a while in highly polluted places. The first study ever made about this issue found out that less than three months of exposure to polluted air could cause serious problems in your lungs or cardiovascular system. Participants of this study again were healthy non-smokers, who have to travel for work purposes.

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Arguments Pro a Non Smoking Life

After hearing that, could you tell me please, why people should live a non-smoking life? Certainly, there are many other pro arguments apart from the healthy one.

Smoking (tobacco or e-cigarettes) is Expensive

It costs a lot of money to buy cigarettes. According to USA Today, a regular smoker spends $2 million through lifetime only for cigarettes. Imagine what that individual could do with $2 million. Investing those money in smart investments definitely would help him/her solve more issues.

But, the cost is extended when it comes to the treatment of health problems caused by smoking. Just one example: If only 1% of Medicaid clients in the USA quit smoking, the savings’ bill would be $2.6 billion per year.

Smoking causes Problems to Children

Exposure of children to smoking during the first 4 years of life, make them suffer from hyperactivity and conduct problems. Parents that have gone through such experiences with their children could tell what it means to. The difficulties of going through such issues with little children. So better not smoke at all!

Social or Light Smoking is not a Game

The so-called light smokers consider themselves not in danger, due to the low number of cigarettes they smoke on a daily basis. But, they are wrong. According to a study published at “Time”, smoking fewer than 5 cigarettes per day, causes 2/3 of lungs’ damage compare to a smoker that uses 30 or more cigarettes every day. So, dear friends, smoking is not a game you decide to play with friends. As soon as you smoke your first cigarette, you’re putting your health at risk.

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As you can see, dear friends, smoking does not bring any good to any of us. Whether you smoke for fun, or because you’re sad, smoking remains a dependency. And as such, it is difficult to be fighting against. However, recent restriction laws for smoking have started to show some improvements. In the UK for example, the number of smoked cigarettes is reduced by 1.4 billion cigarettes each year. And, this is not a number to be ignored at all.

Once we have made up our mind about smoking, the second thing to do is to understand the level of air purity in places we spend most of our time. And, this is not a very simple thing. I’ll write another article with detailed information about air pollution and advise what to do about it. So, follow FAMILY+ Blog to not miss that particular article and other useful articles for every aspect of family life. Should you have any personal story on how you quit smoking, please be so kind as to share it with us. Every success story is a big incentive and big help for people that fight with smoking dependency every day.

Be Good and Stay Away from smoking!

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