Songs, Atmosphere and the Spirit of Christmas’ Time

Christmas is on the way and we are all thrilled by their atmosphere. It is this special time of the year when we all feel different. We want to be better people, we feel more compassion and love for everyone. It is the magic of Christmas that lays in our lives.

Christmas Atmosphere

The first signs of Christmas are the unique decorations. I love to prepare the tree at home and sometimes at the office too-:) I love the city’s Christmas trees, they turn to be a meeting place for people that enjoy a good atmosphere and socialization.

Christmas decorations

I love Christmas markets. Those little wooden shops where you can find everything. I have the habit of always buy a gift to myself, the first time I go to the Christmas market each year.

Talking about gifts, Christmas is the best time for gifts. Everyone is thinking about gifts and people that should be part of their Christmas Gifts’ List. People find time to buy gifts. Some of them, the ones I call professional gifts buyers, buy some of the Christmas gifts since January of the same year. Yes, they expect the prices to fall and start buying some of the gifts 12 months before. Isn’t that amazing?! Personally, I buy gifts at the last moment. The adrenaline to hunt for the right gift makes my Christmas better.

Christmas gifts

Christmas Songs

But, there is no Christmas atmosphere without its songs. I believe they deserve the great merit of making Christmas time so special. I have some preferred songs, that I listen to every year. Allow me to share them with you, and let’s see if we share the same favored songs.

I start with Jingle Bells, it reminds me of childhood. The joy I felt when I heard bells sounds. My diamond loves it too, so we make sure to hear it many times per day for the whole of December.

We listen to Twinkle, twinkle little Star too. It is our anthem of Christmas tree decoration.

Feliz Navidad gives me a sense of joy anytime I play it. While We wish you a Merry Christmas makes me feel the Christmas energy. Or, better the Christmas positive feelings among people. I always loved this song.

Then come the spiritual songs: When a child is born and O Holy Night. Christmas spirit, the true value of Christmas is expressed through these wonderful songs.

Next in my list are my favored pop Christmas songs. Mariah Carey’s fantastic voice in her all-times hit All I need for Christmas is you. What about John Lennon and So, this is Christmas. George Michael remains on my list with Last Christmas hit. It is strange, but the old Christmas songs sound closer to the right Christmas atmosphere than the new ones.

Unusual Celebrations

Christmas and snow are a binomial we all consider together. All video-clips of Christmas songs are made in the snow, or with snow. What about Christmas at the seaside? What about Australian Celebrations? I’ve celebrated once in Sydney, and I must admit: It was a very strange feeling. All my paradigms were put in doubt that day. Definitely an awesome time, a very different Christmas indeed. Still, I prefer the snow one. It makes it more magic and warmer the family gathering near the fire.

But, the very best part I love is the spiritual enhancement during Christmas time. I love that particular ‘push’ people feel inside To forgive and ask forgiveness from each other. It’s the best time of the year to fix some relations that went wrong. And, it doesn’t matter how long they took, the magic of Christmas makes it touch everyone’s souls. Let’s use this energy to fix pending issues with our beloved ones, with our colleagues and our friends. If not, the commercial part of Christmas is similar to go out for a shopping day.

I wish you all my dear friends to have a Merry Christmas this year. Let the holy spirit touch your lives and makes you better people.

Merry Christmas!

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