3 Unexpected Negative Impacts from Global Warming

Climate change and global warming are two strong discussions going on around the world. As usual, people are divided into two groups: those who believe climate changes are a reality and immediate action is needed. While the second group is still wondering whether global warming is really happening, or is just some cyclical behavior of the planet.

I believe such discussions are worthless, especially when are leaded by non-professionals of the field. Scientist community is the only authoritarian voice to be heard regarding the subjects of climate changes and global warming.

Some Recent Scientific Evidences

I’d like to share with you today some observations that come from scientific studies. They are related with global warming and its consequences to fauna, waters, seashores, etc.

I. Arctic is warming Faster than Earth

Scientists are very worried about temperatures changes in Arctic (North Pole). In the last decade Arctic’s temperatures are raised equally to the temperature raise of earth in the last 137 years. This is causing faster melting of Arctic ice as well. No one could explain such phenomena, but its effects are well known:

  • Extreme weather conditions for North Hemisphere,
  • Bigger surviving challenges for mammals and other spices living in north pole,
  • Raise of water levels, especially in US shores,
  • Increased latitude temperatures for north Hemisphere

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II. Ocean Waters are Warming up from Depth

The phenomenon of oceans warming up is known since years now. Logically, the oceans’ water will be heating up, similar to the rest of the planet. But, some unusual research in Arctic last summer brought up new reveals about ocean warming up. Data collected by a elephant seal, which swam for three months all around Arctic currents, do reject previous theories about ocean warming. On opposite to previously theories, new research says that oceans’ waters are warmer in deep depth compared to the surface levels. So, it is not only the air temperature and the sunlight that is heating up oceans’ waters. Somehow, there is another factor that is coming from the depth of earth causing warming up of oceans too. Again, more work is needed to understand such phenomenon.

Meanwhile, the consequences of oceans’ waters warming up are:

  • New diseases to be spread in the Arctic. The reason being migration of cold-water fish, crustaceans, and plankton looking for cold waters.
  • New water temperatures may influence the life of marine fauna in oceans. Many species will be exterminated and the food chain put under risk.

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III. Migration Birds are shrinking in Body Size

Marine fauna is not the only one ‘suffering’ from global warming and climate changes. One particular study, based on 40 years observations, shows migration birds are reducing their body mass. Scientist believe this is a consequence of global warming. Birds with smaller bodies are able to cool off faster. And, to compensate for this change in body mass, migratory birds’ wings are becoming longer and stronger.

Migratory birds have reduced their body mass int he last 4 decades,
Migratory birds’ bodies shrinking over last decades.
Image: https://www.bbc.com/

If we add to this, the negative effect the night lights are causing to insects, serious issues will be expected in the future related to food chain.

These are hard evidence of the consequences of global warming on marine and land fauna. It is still early to speculate with deductions of the visual impact of global warming on human beings. Is it going to be changes in human body? Are our heads going to change and look like those of UFOs we see in movies?

No one can say it right now. But, if human society does not take immediate measures to eliminate factors influencing global warming, god knows what we should expect. Some people are already doing it. They have adopted a lifestyle that allows them to use less energy and which fully respect environment. I believe more of us should follow their example too.

Featured image: https://www.bbc.com/

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